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Regulatory Compliance is a key focus for HR professionals and businesses, with the need to stay on top of ever-changing rules and regulations and ensure that they are followed. One of the most important compliance standards to adhere to is ensuring the proper licenses and certifications for all employees across the organization. Primary source Verification (PSV) is an essential tool that enables companies to do this with automation and accuracy.

PSV is the process of verifying the credentials of employees by checking their qualifications and validating them against a standard source. This means that an outside source ? such as a state licensing board ? is used to ensure the credentials are up-to-date, certified, and free of any sanctions or disciplinary actions. PSV makes it possible for companies to quickly and accurately verify their employees? credentials.

When it comes to PSV to automate license tracking and risk mitigation, Certemy is the leader in the field. This comprehensive platform is designed to manage and track licenses and certifications with simple setup and configuration. Certemys cloud-based system provides visibility and control to employers with an automated primary source verification system that validates transactions and quickly notifies the user of any discrepancies. This reduces compliance risks, improves staff utilization, and promotes regulatory compliance.

Certemys automated license tracking and verification offers a few key advantages that no other system provides. The most important advantage is that it can easily store, manage, and access all license and certification information in a single platform. It also maintains a record of every verification transaction completed, allowing users to review and take immediate action if needed. Lastly, the platform allows users to run reports and generate dashboards for a comprehensive view of license tracking.

Certemy also offers a number of features that make automating license tracking and risk mitigation easier than ever. Its pre-built workflows are fully configurable to streamline the license application process. Plus, users can find and renew licenses quickly with a comprehensive search function. Certemy also allows its users to stay up-to-date on licensing updates in their state, so they are always compliant with current requirements.

Certemy automates license tracking and risk mitigation by providing companies with the tools they need to ensure proper licensing and certification. This comprehensive platform enables businesses to efficiently monitor employee credentials, quickly take any corrective action needed, and stay in compliance with regulatory standards.


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