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The Orthopedics Nurse Practitioner (ONP-C) requires all practitioners to comply with industry standards and regulations when it comes to licensure and credentialing. Organizations in the US that employ ONP-Cs must do the due diligence to ensure the practitioners they hire have the correct credentials and maintain them in good standing. This is where primary source verification (PSV) comes into play.

PSV is an extra layer of protection for organizations to ensure their practitioners in the field of orthopedics possess the necessary accreditations and credentials to meet the demands of working in the healthcare industry. It is an industry standard for organizations hoping to hire practitioners with a high level of technical knowledge and expertise. By verifying credentials and certifications, organizations can rest assured they are meeting their regulatory obligations and can take advantage of the benefits associated with fully credentialed personnel.

In Todays digital world, there are many solutions available to automate and streamline the process of primary source verification for the ONP-C. This means that organizations can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their personnel are in compliance with the healthcare framework, while at the same time eliminating the cumbersome task of manually verifying credentials, a process which takes considerable time and money.

One way to enhance the verification process and make it more efficient for organizations is the use of an automated PSV system. This type of system can streamline the credentialing process by automatically tracking, managing, and verifying the credentials of ONP-C, all in one place. In addition, with such a system, organizations can set up preconfigured workflows and track the state of license applications in real-time.

For organizations that choose to rely on an automated primary source verification system for the ONP-C, the advantages are further increased as they can also benefit from improved compliance management, faster employee credentialing, and easier staff utilization. Automated systems also provide a single source of truth containing all personnel licenses and credentials helping to simplify the process for HR and compliance teams.

Primary source verification is an invaluable tool for organizations aiming to hire qualified practitioners and maintain compliance with local and federal regulations. Automated systems are becoming increasingly popular as they offer many advantages over manual processes in the areas of accuracy, scalability, and efficiency. Organizations that integrate PSV into their operational workflow can ensure they are taking the necessary regulatory actions as well as taking advantage of the many benefits associated with using only highly accredited personnel.


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