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Organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of verifying the licenses and certifications of its employees in a range of professions, from healthcare and teaching to aviation and construction. It is essential to have a system of primary source Verification to ensure these credentials are up-to-date. A primary source verification system is an automated process whereby official records from the issuing body are used to verify the validity of a license or certification, as well as the presence of any sanctions or disciplinary actions.

Certemy is a leader in automated primary source verification, offering a range of Compliance tools to help organizations stay on top of their workforce’s licenses and certifications. With real-time tracking, automated license application processes, and tools tailored to a variety of professions, Certemy helps organizations save time, reduce risk, and improve staff productivity. The system is a comprehensive compliance program that meets the needs of all size organizations in the US.

Step 1: Collect Employee Data

The first step in using Certemy is to collect all of the employee records necessary for license and certification verification. This data consists of the employees name, contact information, license number, and expiration date. This information should be collected on a regular basis to ensure the accuracy of the records and the currency of the certifications. Having accurate records also helps organizations identify and quickly remediate any potential problems in licensing or credentialing.

Step 2: Create Repository for License & Certifications

After the initial data is collected, organizations must create a centralized repository for all of their workers’ licenses and certifications. This repository serves as the source of truth for verifying the validity of licenses, certifications, and sanctions, while also improving visibility and control. It allows organizations to keep track of who needs to renew their credentials, track disciplinary actions, and more.

Step 3: Automate Processes & Track Licences & Certifications

The next step is to automate processes and track licenses and certifications using Certemys pre-built workflows. These workflows can be fully configured to automatically manage the entire license application and renewal process, ensuring licenses and certifications are kept up-to-date without requiring manual intervention. This automation helps organizations save time, cut costs, and increase productivity.

Step 4: Verify & Confirm Credentials

The final step is to verify and confirm credentials using Certemys automated primary source verification system. This system validates employee licenses and certifications and provides an audit trail for compliance, while also alerting organizations to any sanctions or disciplinary actions. This system is trusted by some of the largest employers in the US and helps organizations mitigate risk and provide a secure working environment.


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