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Foot care nurses work in a variety of settings, providing medical care to patients who require routine foot care. Foot care nurses provide a variety of foot care services, such as assessing and managing foot health, treating infections, and offering preventative care. As with any health profession, certified foot care nurses must meet certain qualifications and licensure requirements to practice safely and effectively in their field.

It is no surprise then that verifying the qualifications of foot care nurses is a vital part of human resources operations. Automated primary source Verification of foot care nurse licenses and certifications has become a critical tool to ensure Compliance, protect organizations and reduce risk by giving employers instant access to worker qualification information.

Why Use Automated Primary Source Verification?

In the healthcare field, automated primary source verification is a must. Primary source verification is the process of validating a healthcare worker’s credentials, such as licenses and certifications, to confirm they are active, have been renewed appropriately, and are free from sanctions or other disciplinary actions. To provide an added layer of security, many employers are now turning to automated primary source verification.

Automated primary source verification of foot care nurse licenses and certifications helps employers to:

Eliminate manual license tracking and quickly screen and manage credentials in one single system.

Verify qualifications and licensure of foot care nurses faster and more accurately.

Reduce the risk of non-compliance.

Stay ahead of regulatory compliance standards.

Improve staff utilization.

Save time in credentialing, onboarding and workforce compliance.

Tools for Automated Primary Source Verification

To successfully verify foot care nurse licenses and certifications, organizations need a tool that is fast, efficient, and accurate. Certemy, a leader in License Verification, offers an automated primary source verification system that is trusted by many of the largest US employers.

Certemy provides the following tools to help organizations quickly and easily verify foot care nurse licenses and certifications:

Real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record.

Automated license application process workflows that are configurable.

Visibility of employee compliance activities across the entire organization.

Actionable analytics and reporting.

Complete visibility and control of workforce compliance.

The core message

Primary source verification of foot care nurse licenses and certifications is an essential part of human resources operations. Automated primary source verification offers significant benefits, including increased accuracy and speed in credentialing, improved staff utilization, and heightened compliance and security. Certemy offers the tools to realize real-time tracking, actionable analytics, and configurable automated processes with its automated primary source verification system.


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