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As a compliance lead in charge of employee license and certification verification, primary source verification of those credentials can be a critical part of your organizations compliance with regulatory requirements. Primary source verification of licenses and certifications is a process of validating an individual’s qualifications and credentials with the official issuing authority, such as a state governmental board or professional organization. By using primary source verification, companies can reduce the risk of issues related to sanctions and disciplinary actions, as well as comply with regulatory guidelines.

Primary source verification is an essential part of employee credential management. In order to stay compliant with regulations and ensure that the companies personnel meet the appropriate qualifications and credentials for performing tasks, it is important to confirm all necessary qualifications and certifications. By validating the licenses and certifications of employees with the primary source, companies can be sure that the information they are relying on is accurate and up-to-date.

A key way to ensure primary source verification is to use an automated system. Automation makes the process of tracking and managing employee license and credentials much easier, thus providing the organization with the most up-to-date information while ensuring accuracy. Automating primary source verification can also reduce the amount of time it takes to verify the same individual’s credentials, as well as make it easier to track and manage multiple credentials in a single system of record.

Not only does automated primary source verification save time and provide a streamlined process, but it also allows for a higher level of compliance. Automating primary source verification prevents mistakes from occurring, and allows for real-time tracking of employee credentials. Additionally, pre-built workflows can be implemented and configured to help automate the process of license application and renewal. This ensures that all new and existing personnel credentials are up-to-date and in compliance with all regulations.

Overall, using primary source verification is a crucial element in any compliance program. Being able to easily and effectively manage employee credentials with real-time tracking and automated processes can help ensure that your organization is in compliance with all regulations, while also saving time and mitigating risks.


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