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When it comes to staying ahead of regulatory Compliance, primary source Verification (PSV) is essential. What is PSV? In its simplest form, PSV is the confirmation that a certain employee has completed the required licensing and credentialing necessary for the job. This verification is the first step in making sure that an employee has the appropriate credentials and qualifications to provide care safely and effectively.

For healthcare organizations, compliance is of the utmost importance. In an industry with an ever-growing list of regulations, having an automated and reliable system of interpreting these regulations and verifying credentials is critical. With the right system in place, organizations can prove that their employees are up-to-date on their training and certifications, have the skills required for their job, and comply with regulations.

At its basic level, primary source verification is quite straightforward. By verifying credentials with a third-party source, such as the issuing institution or certifying body, background checks can be made more comprehensive and accurate. By validating documents and certifications with the original source, organizations can confirm whether or not an employees claims are true.

However, a manual process doesn?t always suffice. Verifying credentials with third-party sources can be time consuming and challenging when done manually. Automation is key to streamlining the credentialing process and staying compliant. Automated systems can be used to fill out applications, pull up files, track staff training and development, and even store scanned documents. Automated processes boost efficiency and reduce the potential for errors.

Certemy is a leading provider of license and credential verification. Their automated system ensures that primary source verification is done right every time. By using Certemys platform, employers can verify licenses and certifications in real-time, enabling them to detect any changes or discrepant information, save time, and, most importantly, mitigate risk. Employers can also leverage Certemys pre-built workflow that is fully configurable and compliant with regulations. This allows staff to easily manage licenses and credentials in one system of record, giving employers an enhanced visibility over their workforce compliance program.

Ultimately, primary source verification helps employers do more with less. By reducing administrative burden and streamlining the verification process, employers can save time and money and utilize staff to a greater degree. With the right mechanism in place, organizations don?t have to worry about falling out of compliance or picking up errors due to manual follow-ups.

In an environment with continually evolving regulatory requirements, automation is essential. As the healthcare industry is committed to providing the highest level of patient care, organizations must stay up-to-date and ensure compliance. Primary source verification makes it easier to confirm that every employee is qualified and that their credentials are in order. Automating credentialing through a reliable system, such as Certemy, enables organizations to increase efficiency and eliminate risk for a smooth and compliant process.


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