License Verification Tool | Electrician

Professionals in the electrical trade face a complex compliance landscape. Ensuring the right qualifications and licenses are up-to-date across a large workforce can be a daunting task even for the most experienced business leaders. Thankfully, Certemy is here to help. Our automated license verification system makes it easy to actively track and manage professional licenses and certifications, and stay ahead of government regulations.

For electricians, getting licensed in a particular state can carry a lot of regulatory requirements and administrative tasks. Keeping up with license renewals is important, especially since license renewal laws and regulations tend to vary from state to state. Additionally, the extra steps required in advance of renewing a license can be time-consuming and difficult to manage. Certemy automates primary source license verification procedures from within a workforce compliance program, providing visibility and control over the entire system.

Licensure plays an important part in ensuring safety in the electrical trade. Electrical contractors must make sure that all of their personnel adhere to the regulatory requirements of their state and local authorities. Certemys license tracking and primary source verification help ensure that everyone is appropriately qualified and up-to-date with their license renewals. Automated primary source verification adds an extra layer of security to the process, confirming that a person?s license is active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

Certemy offers pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to help automate license application processes. License applications are tracked in real time, providing critical information about when someone?s license is due to expire. This subsequently allows teams more time to focus on higher value work, resulting in increased productivity and better visibility across the entire organization.

In addition to being trusted by some of the largest US employers, Certemy links unacceptable license statuses to customizable processes, so that out-of-date licenses can be addressed in an automated fashion. Smart collaboration tools like notifications and task assignments help save time and money, ensuring every license track is up-to-date and compliant with all applicable regulations.

Tracking and managing licenses in a single system of record simplifies compliance, reduces risk, improves staff utilization and keeps track of personnel up to date with changing regulations. Certemys automated license verification system helps everyone take control over the entire compliance process, preventing any overcompliance or undercompliance, and making sure the license renewal process runs smoothly.



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