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The importance of verifying occupational licenses and certifications of employees in order to ensure they are up to date, renewed as needed, and free of sanctions or disciplinary actions is a critical step for any organization looking to maintain Compliance. When it comes to optimizing your workforce compliance program, an automated license tracking system and primary source Verification is a must.

Certemy is a leading License Verification and Tracking software that leverages its automated primary source verification system to track and manage licenses and certifications for businesses of all sizes and industries. Let?s take a closer look at how Certemys automated license tracking system works and how it can help you maintain successful workforce compliance.

Complete Visibility and Control of Your Workforce Compliance Program

It is essential to implement comprehensive workforce compliance initiatives which include regularly verifying the license and credentials of your employees. While manual checkups of employee credentials are possible, they are prone to errors, are costly and don?t provide real-time results. Certemys automated license tracking solution offers real-time visibility and control of your compliance program.

Certemys primary source verification system syncs with hundreds of banks, regulatory agencies, and other data sources, to allow you to quickly sync employee licenses and monitor compliance information in one system of record. No more manual cross-referencing and researching – just insights, real-time data, and intuitive controls at your fingertips.

Stay Ahead Of Regulatory Compliance

Certemys automated license tracking system keeps you ahead of regulatory compliance. It allows you to instantly verify any changes in your employees? certifications in real-time. This means you will never miss a deadline, never deal with miscommunications, and never let credential and licensing issues slip through the cracks.

The system also drastically improves team productivity – the intuitive dashboard and pre-built, customizable workflows make it easy to manage all the paperwork required for license application processes. And best of all, you will be able to reduce the risk of regulatory compliance penalties or other reputational issues associated with inaccurate credentialing.

Gain Transparency Across Your Organization

Gaining transparency across an organization can be difficult when manual license tracking and verification methods are used. Instead of manually researching and verifying data across various databases and sources, Certemys license tracking solution offers you an easy-to-use, single dashboard that holds all your employee license data in one place.

Using this dashboard, you can quickly search for any information you need – such as when certificates or licenses expire, or what type of license an employee holds – to maintain transparency across your entire organization. you will be able to easily keep up to date on every license or certification and immediately know when a renewal is needed.

Final Thoughts

License management can be a complex and time-consuming task but Certemy makes it easy with its automated license tracking and primary source verification system. With real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, improved team productivity and higher transparency across the entire organization, Certemy is the ideal tool for optimizing your workforce compliance program.


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