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As human resources departments become increasingly overrun with tasks, finding ways to streamline their operations is critical. One of the major initiatives in HR departments is to ensure the credentials of their workforce are valid and up to date. To meet this requirement, organizations are turning to license verification software to assist in their compliance efforts.

The challenge for HR departments is to ensure that any new hires have the required professional credentials in order to do their job, as well as verify that current employees have active and valid certifications. License verification software can provide the necessary help to automate this process and free up time for HR personnel, while keeping the organization in compliance with the applicable regulations.

What is License Verification Software?

License verification software is an automated system that confirms the qualifications of a person or organization. This software is used by human resources departments to validate professional licenses, certifications, and other credentials held by an employee or job applicant.

To verify a license, the software cross-references the license number, the name of the license holder, and other required information with public records. Validation of accuracy is also required, as the results generated by the software must be confirmed with the issuing licensing agency before an employee or applicant is officially certified.

Benefits of License Verification Software

Organizations benefit from utilizing license verification software in a variety of ways. First, the streamlined and automated verification process ensures that employee certifications are accurate and up to date. Additionally, license verification software helps organizations save time with its automated functions, such as tracking license renewals and alerting the organization of potential license expirations.

Having accurate, up-to-date records of employee certifications also helps organizations maintain their compliance with applicable regulations. The software also allows organizations to easily verify and store credentials, and will alert them in the event of any disciplinary action or sanctions on the license.

Using License Verification Software

Organizations that are interested in using license verification software should first determine their needs. Are they verifying certifications for new hires or current employees? Do they need full disclosure of disciplinary and sanction information for the personnel they are verifying? Once they have determined their needs, they should explore the features of the license verification software that are most suitable and beneficial for their organization.

When you are ready to implement the software, you should ensure that the organization has the necessary infrastructure in place. This includes having a secure system to house and store personnel information, correctly setting up the automation workflows to ensure accuracy and timely notifications, and providing documented policies and procedures concerning the verification process.


License verification software is becoming a necessity for organizations with personnel who possess professional certifications. Automating the verification process not only saves time, but also helps ensure that the certifications are valid and up to date. Implementing the necessary infrastructure and procedures surrounding the software will ensure that organizations remain compliant and free of sanctions or disciplinary action.


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