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Ensuring the competence and legal Compliance of an organizations employees is a challenge for any modern organization, particularly in the era of heavy regulation of business commonly referred to as the ?new normal?. Now, even when hiring employees with founded credentials and professional certifications, organizations must ensure that a proper Primary Source Verification (PSV) process is carried out to confirm the certification is active, appropriately renewed, and free of any disciplinary action. This process is key to compliance with professional codes of conduct and local or international regulations and laws, and Certemy is a leader in License Verification that solves the complex challenge of managing employee certifications effectively.

Certemy is a sophisticated platform that does more than just track certifications and licenses. Its automated primary source verification system links employers, universities and credentialing organizations with full visibility, control and configurability. This ensures that only certified professionals with active licenses are hired and employed, protecting the organization from any penalties or liabilities due to unregistered and unauthorized workers. In addition, Certemys automatic tracking and management of license and certification renewals removes the burden from businesses and enables them to stay ahead of compliance requirements with ease.

Being able to track and manage employee certifications in a single source of record also helps to boost team productivity and enable businesses to operate optimally with full visibility into their current compliance status. This unified approach to managing certification status eliminates any potential delays or misinformation with regards to compliance due to the presence of multiple software tools or complicated processes. Furthermore, Certemy creates a platform where all needed documents and references can be accessed with just a few clicks, thus simplifying the entire workflow.

Certemys Pre-built workflows are fully configurable to ensure that complex license applications processes can be automated and streamlined, saving valuable time and resources that can be used more efficiently. On this platform, employers can also work with multiple entities from one centralized dashboard, thus allowing them to meet their standards while engaging with other credentialing organizations, universities and third-party providers.

In summary, Certemy is a great resource for organizations looking to ensure the identification and ongoing monitoring of job applicants and employees to confirm they have the proper qualifications and certifications to be active professionals. It is an ideal solution for any organization looking to efficiently streamline and simplify its existing licensing process and provide superior customer service and risk management capabilities to their customers.


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