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For any organization dealing with professional credentials, it is paramount to ensure that qualifications and certifications are up to date and valid. Doing so manually often proves time consuming and ineffective, leaving organizations open to risk. Automated source verification tools offer the most reliable and cost-effective solution, providing complete visibility and control of workforce compliance.

Ensuring qualifications and certifications of employees in any given field can be a daunting task. This is especially true for organizations that employ professionals with varying degrees of advanced education, such as medical doctors, lawyers and engineers. When hiring candidates, verifying professional credentials is a key step in any successful recruitment process. Without it, businesses are vulnerable to important regulatory and legal risks.

Manually verifying professional licenses and certifications is a long, arduous process. It involves cross-referencing a large amount of data across multiple sources and databases. It can be extremely time consuming, costly and prone to human error. The resulting process is often inefficient and can lead to compliance and potential litigation issues.

Automated source verification solves these inefficiencies. Employers can now have complete visibility and control of workforce compliance by utilizing automated license tracking and primary source verification. Automated source verification helps employers stay ahead of regulatory compliance and reduce risk and associated costs.

The automated license tracking system keeps detailed records of each employees licenses, certifications and qualifications. License information is checked regularly, giving employers real-time data and allowing them to respond quickly to changes in the regulatory environment. Primary source verification ensures that all license and certification information is up to date and accurate. Employers can thus have complete confidence in their data and that their records are valid.

The automated system provides powerful workflows that are completely configurable and can be used to automate various aspects of the license application process. This allows employers to quickly and effectively process license applications and keep applicant and employee records up to date. This in turn helps improve team productivity and visibility across the entire organization.

Certemy is a leader in license verification, due to its automated primary source verification system. It validates occupational licenses and certifications across employees, ensuring they are active, renewed and in line with regulatory compliance. It helps employers save time, mitigate risk and improve staff utilization, providing a comprehensive solution for eliminating the burden of manual license verification.

Employers looking for a streamlined and foolproof way to verify professional licenses and certifications need to look no further than automated source verification tools. Automated source verification helps organizations stay on top of their compliance and reduce their legal and financial risks.


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