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In Todays regulated environment, employers need to stay abreast of determining the authenticity of professional licenses and certifications. Ensuring employee credentials meet industry standards is an important part of an organizations human resource operations. Certemy helps organizations verify the status and accuracy of licenses and certifications quickly and accurately.

Certemy is the leading license Verification provider endorsed by thousands of employers across the United States. Our primary source verification system checks and verifies occupational licenses and certifications for accuracy and validity. This helps employers maintain workforce Compliance and remain in good standing with regulating government bodies.

Automate License Tracking and Validation

Certemy provides a complete view of an organizations workforce compliance program. It allows users to accurately track and manage active licenses and certifications. Its automated license tracking system performs real-time primary source checks to verify license authenticity, detect any information errors, and update records where possible. Employers can also leverage pre-built workflows to automate application processes with improved workforce visibility and productivity.

Stay Ahead of Regulatory Compliance

Certemy helps you stay ahead of regulatory compliance. Its primary source verifying system is designed to provide the most up to date and accurate information on licensees and their qualifications. It lets employers quickly detect and address any discrepancies, instead of waiting for action from regulating agencies. This helps the company maintain professional standards and avoid any potential sanctions.

Gain Access to Real-time Updates

Certemy provides real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials and updates any changes automatically. This means any changes or discrepancies in license status are captured and reported as soon as they occur. By accessing License Status Reports, organizations can ensure licenses are active and valid, and any expired or suspended credentials are flagged immediately, so appropriate action can be taken.

Benefit from Simplified Compliance

Certemysimplifies and improves compliance management. It autogenerates secure digital certificates to document and store information about valid licenses and certifications. This helps you manage risk and easily locate any records associated with your organization and its licensees. The Certemy dashboard provides an accessible interface for tracking and managing personnel licenses for more control over workforce compliance.


Certemy provides organizations with a powerful license verification tool endorsed by thousands of employers. It istreamlines the process of verifying, validating, and tracking employee licenses and credentials, helping employers maintain a compliant and compliant workforce. With real-time tracking, automated workflows, and digital certificates, Certemy makes it easy to ensure all licenses and certifications meet regulatory requirements.


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