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The process of verifying professional licenses and certifications for employees is essential for the success of any organization. Ensuring compliance and mitigating risks associated with licensure and certification are paramount for regulatory and accreditation-related issues. Essential for protecting the organizations reputation and public health and safety, verifying license and certification status can be tedious and time consuming. Thankfully, Certemy has developed an automated primary source verification system that allows for verification of occupational licenses and certifications across the workforce quickly and accurately.

Certemy is an automated system designed to protect the organization and provide total visibility and control of the compliance program. Its automated licensed tracking and primary source verification ensures organizations such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, and universities remain ahead of compliance regulations. Addressing errors regarding the inconsistencies that occur when manually tracking and managing these credentials and staying continually informed during the certification renewal process, Certemy is a key tool that organizations can utilize in order to minimize costly fines and maximize team productivity and visibility.

The automated system provides real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials within a centralized system of record, giving organizations a greater insight into their workforce management in order to manage their staffing and utilization. Through its automated workflow capabilities, organizations can streamline the process of applications for their employees? certifications or licenses.

Certemy is a trusted source for many of the largest US employers, providing significant time and money savings while assisting organizations with successfully mitigating risk. Its simple and secure system allows for the demonstration of compliance with a few clicks from any location. With Certemy, organizations are able to rapidly detect any changes in license status and are alerted to any potential licensure issues in a timely manner.

Organizations using Certemy can gain access to a comprehensive list of organizations, which is continually updated in order to provide the most accurate information. Its elegant user interface provides a simple and intuitive design that allows it to be used by all staff, from entry-level to executive, with ease. Incorporating features such as real-time analytics and drill-down search capabilities, Certemy also allows users to access detailed reports regarding the status of the compliance program at any given point in time.

Certemy is an invaluable asset for ensuring compliance within any organization. Its primary source verification system and automated workflow capabilities significantly reduce the amount of time needed to verify the status of an organizations workforce, while the numerous other features enable organizations to remain at the forefront of compliance regulations. With Certemy, organizations can reduce any potential staffing and license-related risks, as well as the time and money associated with managing the program.


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