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In the US alone, there are millions of professional licenses held by individuals practicing in various fields. From cosmetology to engineering, any profession that requires government certification mandates that individuals have and maintain an active and valid license. The burden of ensuring occupational licenses are up to date and valid falls largely onto the human resources department of organizations. To reduce the amount of time and energy that goes into such a laborious process, companies are now starting to invest in online license Verification tools, such as Certemy.

Certemys automated license verification system streamlines the time-consuming process of verification and facilitates prompt and accurate Compliance with all required regulatory standards. The platform completely eliminates any need for manual tracking and constantly verifies with the primary source, providing up-to-date and accurate information for all licenses and certifications held by an organizations workers.

How Certemystreamlines Professional Licenses Verification

Certemy automates the process of checking professional licenses, reducing the risk of data entry errors and mitigating the otherwise long and tedious process that manual tracking involves. The platform’s primary source validation, tracking, alerting, and recertification processes simplify and streamline license and certification tracking.

When an employee updates, renews, or otherwise changes their license, Certemy ensures that data is quickly updated in the companies system and that all changes are documented and tracked. Organizations also benefit from automated primary source validation so that they only track those licenses that are still active and free of sanctions or disciplinary action. Certemy also allows organizations to be aware of any renewed or expired licenses long before they become due so that they can take the necessary actions to ensure continued compliance.

Another impressive feature of Certemy is that it can be integrated with existing employee management systems. This makes for an incredibly efficient, automated, and systematic process for handling, validating, and tracking employee licenses. This integration ensures that the manual efforts involved in entering data, updating licenses, and other HR-related tasks are virtually eliminated.

Benefits of Implementing Certemys Professional Licenses Verification System

The Certemy license verification system offers the following benefits to organizations:

1. Complete visibility and control of compliance processes.

Having an automated and streamlined license verification process gives organizations tremendous visibility into their employees’ occupational licenses and allows them to stay on top of ever-changing regulations and requirements without having to worry about manual entry of data or tracking documents.

2. Automated tracking of licenses and credentials in one system of record.

With Certemy, all of an organizations professional licenses and credentials are tracked in one central location. This makes it easy to view licenses, verify accuracy, and make any necessary updates or adjustments.

3. Pre-built workflows facilitates the licensing application process.

The system includes a built-in workflow that guides applicants through the application process. This workflow enables organizations to quickly process license applications, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

4. Improved visibility and productivity across the entire organization.

Using Certemy, organizations have improved visibility into license, credential, and background verification processes, resulting in improved productivity across the board.

5. Time and money saved

A streamlined license verification process can save organizations time and money, and Certemy offers a platform that can do just that. Organizations no longer need to spend time and resources manually entering data in order to track and maintain their employees’ licenses and certifications.

Concluding concepts

Certemys license and credential verification system offers a streamlined and automated solution for organizations looking to maintain and track professional licenses. The platform allows organizations to have complete control and visibility into their compliance programs and eliminates the need for manual efforts. The platform also improves visibility and productivity across the organization, and it goes a long way in preventing costly errors or missed deadlines due to out of date licenses.


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