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Compliance oversight is essential for all organizations, but the task of verifying employee credentials for licensure can be cumbersome and time-consuming. As the regulatory and employment landscape continues to evolve, employers of all sizes are struggling to keep up with the rigorous requirements to ensure that their staff meet all the necessary qualifications for their roles. Validated professional licensure is no longer a ?nice to have,? but a critical element of compliance.

Using an automated primary source verification system can streamline this process and substantially reduce the time and cost of manual validation. Certemy is a leader in the field of license verification, with an all-in-one platform that offers comprehensive support for organizational compliance. From validating licensure to tracking credential expiration dates, the Certemy primary source verification engine helps large employers stay on top of necessary qualification requirements while simultaneously saving time and reducing the risk of fincancial sanctions or other disciplinary action. Here?s a look at how Certemy can help organizations stay ahead of the competition.

Real-Time Tracking and Manage Licenses and Certifications

Certemy provides employers with the ability to track and manage licensure and certifications in real-time with its automated online platform. Thanks to its seamless integration capabilities, the tool is compatible with a wide range of existing systems. Employers are provided with out-of-the-box tools to enhance workflow, set expiration dates, and check on the status of employee licenses and certifications with a few clicks.

The primary source verification engine also offers employers a single source of truth in order to streamline compliance tracking, streamline credential verification, and ensure eventual licensure. Employers have access to a wide range of metrics and data to ensure that their teams meet every requirement, from board examinations to professional aptitude exams. This unified view helps employers simplify and manage the entire process of license verification, providing them with a single source of truth for all credential documentation.

Efficiently Track Credential Expirations and Sanctions

Certemys primary source verification system is also invaluable when it comes to tracking credential expiration dates and monitoring potential sanctions or other disciplinary actions. The platform is constantly monitoring the status of employee credentials, allowing employers to quickly identify any issues and take corrective action before they become a larger problem.

The system can also be used to alert employers when a credential is close to expiration and provide the necessary prompt action in order to reduce risk and maintain compliance. This feature is essential for staying ahead of the regulatory landscape and effectively managing the entire credential process in a timely and efficient manner.

Improve Productivity and Visibility Across the Entire Organization

Certemy is trusted by some of the largest US employers to provide an easy-to-use platform with automated license tracking and primary source verification. With pre-built workflows that are fully configurable, employers can create custom license applications to ensure employee qualifications are met. This reduces the time and cost associated with manually tracking multiple licenses and credentials across the organization.

The platform also provides employers with the ability to efficiently track licenses, certifications, renewals, and state-by-state restrictions. This advanced visibility helps employers easily and quickly identify areas they need to bolster in order to stay ahead of regulatory compliance. By providing organizations with comprehensive support and visibility into all employee credentials, Certemy helps employers leverage the data to improve team productivity and ensure organizational compliance.


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