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Ensuring the validity of professional licensure is a complicated task for human resource (HR) operations. When the stakes are high, such as in the healthcare field, verifying professional credentials is vital. With the rise of changing regulations, healthcare and other organizations are turning to automated license verification systems to lower risk and improve staff utilization.

In the U.S., businesses often need to confirm licensure credentials, such as nursing and other health care positions, for candidates and existing employees. This process must adhere to state laws and guidelines?requiring special systems for tracking, validating, and renewing professional credentials. Self-reported information and manual license verification processes are no longer sufficient, as they require too much time and resources with a tendency for human error.

To help businesses comply with laws and standards, more and more organizations are relying on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) license verification platforms, which automate the primary source verification process. Certemy, in particular, is a leader in this space, offering a cloud-based compliance solution with real-time tracking of employee credentials, customizable workflows, pre-built reporting, and automated license renewal tracking.

As the technology around license verification advances, it is becoming more important for employers to adopt tools and systems to ensure licensing authenticity and compliance. Automating the process helps companies both save time and cost, and reduce risk. Without the human error associated with manual processes, HR leaders can be certain that their workforce fits the regulatory requirements and standards set forth by each state and district.

Certemy is particularly valuable to healthcare organizations like large hospital networks who often employ thousands of individuals with numerous various licenses and certification. Working with Certemy, teams are able to handle automated license renewals, ensuring accuracy and up to date documents and credentials at all times. Additionally, Certemys customizable workflows enable healthcare companies to ensure all processes and procedures are consistently applied across each employee or applicant.

For larger companies like hospitals and health systems, Certemys system of record provides an unprecedented level of visibility and control. It allows employers to have a complete picture of their entire workforce compliance program. Human resource teams also benefit from Certemys pre-built reporting modules that provide insight into compliance status and patterns.

The comprehensive view of Certemys platform makes it possible to produce an extensive report detailing the current status of compliance for any section of the business without needing any additional software. This not only enables organization to save time and resources by avoiding manual attention to the compliance of professional certifications but also helps protect the reputation and integrity of the company by minimizing the risk of cases of fraud or non-compliance with the applicable rules and regulations.

For employers in sectors with changing regulations, managing and verifying professional licensure can be a tedious task. With certifications and licenses expiring at different dates, employers must remain constantly vigilant to protect their workforce and organizations from legal action, potential fraud, and non-compliance with standards.

Certemy provides an automated primary source for verifying occupational licenses and certifications across employers. This type of automated verification system helps companies save time and resources, mitigate risk, and increase staff utilization, all in one comprehensive system of record. Organizations that implement Certemy can be sure that their workforce is compliant with the current regulations, and that their data is secure and accurate.


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