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Having an effective license verification system in place is an essential aspect of human resource operations. Ensuring that all of your employees are properly certified can be a complex and time-consuming task. Certemy provides an automated license tracking and primary source verification system that simplifies the process and eliminates risk for businesses and their personnel.

A streamlined license verification process helps companies stay competitive and remain compliant with regulatory agencies. Certemy offers a comprehensive platform that is trusted by some of the largest U.S. organizations to reduce risk and improve staff utilization. Certemysimplifies license management by providing real-time license tracking and a customizable system of record.

Certemys system uses primary source information to verify that licenses and credentials are active and up-to-date. Companies are automatically alerted of any sanctions or other disciplinary actions taken against their employees. This ensures that all employees are operating in accordance with applicable regulations.

The system also provides an intuitive workflow that can be customized to automate license applications. A single dashboard allows for full visibility of license statuses and automates tasks such as renewals and verifications. Companies can manage multiple workers with an efficient, streamlined platform.

One of the greatest advantages of the system is its ability to save time and provide cost savings. Human resources personnel no longer waste hours manually entering data or verifying paperwork. The automated processes free up valuable time to focus on tasks that will benefit the organization.

Companies also benefit from the improved accountability and organizational efficiency offered by Certemy. A single dashboard provides up-to-date information on license status and can track employee certifications across multiple locations or divisions. This allows human resources teams to achieve consistency and streamline operations.

With Certemy, businesses can mitigate compliance risks and ensure that all personnel are properly certified and operating within legal regulations. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from the streamlined license tracking and primary source verification system that is compliant with applicable licensing agencies and backed by superior customer support.


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