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Successful organizations rely on accurate and verifiable credentials of their employees for Compliance and safety. Professional licenses granted by regulatory bodies, such as the Board of Nursing or Board of Medical Examiners, verify the qualifications of all employees to ensure they are qualified to perform their duties. With rising competition and turnover, maintaining and tracking professional licenses can become difficult and frustrating. Automation and primary source Verification of professional licenses can provide a reliable solution to verify employee credentials.

Certemys proprietary verification platform has streamlined and automated acquisition of licenses and credentials for organizations of all sizes. Organizations can save time, money, and resources by transitioning into automated primary source verification for licenses and certifications to better manage their workforce.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification is a method for verifying employee credentials that ensures the data is accurate and up-to-date. When performing primary source verifications, Certemy contacts the issuing authority of the license or certificate to ensure that it is valid, up-to-date, and free from disciplinary actions. Primary source verification is a more reliable method of verifying employee credentials as the primary source is the authority which issued the license or certificate.

Benefits of Automated Primary Source Verification

By automating the process of primary source verification, organizations can save time and resources and remain compliant with state and federal regulations. Automation ensures that licenses and certifications are regularly monitored and kept up-to-date, reducing the chances of missed renewals, inaccurate data, or discrepancies.

In addition to automation, Certemys platform includes pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to simplify license application processes. These workflows can be used to track and manage license applications, renewals, and expiration dates. Real-time visibility of employee credentials provides organizations with an automated approach to ensure all staff are appropriately credentialed.

How Does Certification Verification Work?

Certemy employs a unique process to verify employee credentials quickly and accurately. Our automated verification process works in two stages, first verifying the license at the source with the issuing authority, and second, cross-referencing the primary source records against a database of secondary sources to validate that all information is up-to-date and correct.

The verification process begins by entering the employees personal information, such as name and address, as well as the license or certificate number being requested. The information is sent to the issuing authority, such as the Board of Nursing, for confirmation. The issuing authority is then contacted to verify the license and verify that the applicant is free from disciplinary action. If the license is valid, the information is cross-referenced against a national list of secondary sources, such as the National Practitioner Data Bank, to ensure all information is up-to-date and accurate.

To summarize

Organizations need to ensure that their employees are correctly credentialed in order to remain compliant with state and federal regulations. Automation and primary source verification provide employers with the confidence that the credentials of their employees are accurate and up-to-date. Certemys platform offers employers the most reliable and efficient method to quickly and accurately verify employee credentials.


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