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Ensuring Compliance and safety is key to the modern professional workforce and primary source licensing Verification is an essential tool that many HR and compliance departments rely on. Certemy is a leading License Verification platform that automates the process of verifying a professional?s credentials and licenses with primary source verification. Certemys powerful system simplifies tracking, managing, and improving compliance across the entire organization.

Certemy is a trusted partner to some of the largest employers in the US, helping them streamline license application processes, reduce risk, save time, and utilize staff more effectively. Certemy provides an efficient end-to-end system that tracks employee licenses and credentials with real-time updates in one system of record. Their automated workflows are fully configurable and further enhance the productivity of the team.

What Makes Certemy Different?

The primary source verification system of Certemy helps streamline verification processes. This powerful system uses over 500 public databases to automate the data collection and validation of professional credentials and licenses to ensure compliance across the organization. Certemys verification system eliminates the need for manual labor, manual systems, and manual tracking of employees? professional credentials and certifications.

The automated tracking of licenses, validations, and other credentials helps to mitigate risk and save time during the hiring process. By providing real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, employers can rest assured that their workforce is in compliance at all times. With their pre-built and customizable workflows, Certemy further simplifies the process of tracking and managing certifications and licenses for large organizations.

The Benefits of Certemy for Professional Organizations

Organizations who use Certemy enjoy numerous benefits, including:

? Robust Primary Source Verification ? Certemys automated primary source verification process checks over 500 public databases ensuring the necessary license is valid and without sanctions or disciplinary actions.

? Comprehensive License and Certification Tracking ? Certemy provides real-time tracking of licenses and certifications, giving HR departments complete visibility and control of the organizations compliance program.

? Automated Workflow Characteristics ? Pre-built and customizable workflows give organizations greater flexibility when it comes to license tracking and management.

? Improved Team Productivity ? Automated licensing and credential tracking improves team productivity and enhances visibility across the organization.

? Cost Savings ? Automated primary source license verification eliminates the need for manual processes, resulting in significant cost savings for the organization.

Certemy is committed to helping organizations easily automate their license and certification tracking and ensure compliance and staff utilization in an efficient, cost-effective manner.


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