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The medical industry, in particular, lives and breathes off of regulatory standards that keep patient care safe and effective. The standards demand that each and every health professional working with patients have valid and active licenses and certifications. Whether It is a surgeon, a physician, a physician’s assistant or a nurse practitioner, they must have documentation of verifiable credentials. Those who do not can face serious repercussions, from steep fines to even losing their job.

To ensure the safety of any clinical practice, managers must have a dependable way to audit their professional licenses and certifications quickly and accurately. This is where automated license verification software comes into play.

Understanding Automated License Verification

Automated license verification software is a technology built to track, manage and update employee certification, benefits, and licensing. It uses primary source verification to ensure all the credentials are valid and properly renewed, and free from disciplinary actions.

Primary source verification is not the same as criminal background checks ? it is obtaining information directly from the source with permission where applicable. This includes verifying medical practitioner Licenses, educational degrees, professional development certificates, and more.

Benefits of Automating License Verification

Implementing automated license verification software provides a number of benefits for health practitioners, managers, and patients alike.

Time Savings

Manual license verification processes oftentimes require more than one person or large amounts of time to complete. Automating these processes eliminates the manual work and the risk of errors that come with it, allowing for time and cost savings for the whole organization. Verifying employee licenses and certifications through primary sources is essential for a successful health organization, but it can be a laborious process without the right automation.

Improved compliance

Automating license verifications comes with major improvements in compliance. Instating digital checks of license renewals and certifications helps to ensure that everyone is up-to-date with proper regulatory requirements. A license verification software keeps all staff and organizational information in one central hub, and all information is easily accessible for health professionals, managers, and any compliance team.

Increased productivity

Automating license verification also extends to managing the procurement process of licenses and certifications. This provides health professionals with pre-configured workflows for quickly completing applications. In this case, automation takes the workload off of the managerial team while still allowing them to monitor progress. The automation also reduces the risk of organizational inefficiencies like misplaced documents, forgotten certifications, or failed renewals.

Why Certemy?

Certemy has earned a reputation as a leader in license verification. Our automated system ensures that employees are in compliance with the necessary certifications and licenses for their field of work. We provide complete visibility and control in your compliance program, with real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials.

Our system offers enriched features such as automated license tracking and primary source verification, pre-built workflows for license application processes, and configurable policies to automate compliance.

Concluding perspectives

The medical industry hinges on compliance, and automated license verification is the best way to stay on top of that. Certemy, in particular, is a leader in license verification software. Our automated system ensures proper licensing and credentialing and allows organizations and employees to be in control of their compliance programs. With Certemy, managers and employees can rest assured that their practice is in good hands.


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