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The National Board for Certification of School Nurses (NBCSN) sets the standards for national certification of school nurses in the United States. School nurses carry out an important role within educational institutions and it is essential that they are certified and remain compliant with the NBCSN standards. Certification attest to the nurse’s knowledge, competence, and commitment to ongoing professional development. It is the responsibility of school nurse employers to verify nurse certifications and ensure that their employees are meeting the requirements for ongoing certification.

Verifying certifications can be a tedious and time-consuming task for human resource departments, and manual processes are often inefficient and highly manual. An automated primary source verification system is an effective way to verify that school nurses and other healthcare workers are trained and compliant with certification and profession requirements. Automated primary source verification eliminates the need for manual processes and offer consistent, accurate verifications in a timely manner.

Certemy is a leading provider of automated primary source verification. Our system can verify a range of professional licenses and certifications, including those provided by the NBCSN. Certemy is trusted by some of the largest US employers to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization. With Certemy, employers have complete visibility and control over their workforce compliance program, and can easily track and manage licenses and certifications with primary source verification.

Certemys automated tracking system allows employers to stay ahead of regulatory compliance with automated license tracking and primary source verification. Our real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record makes it easier for employers to manage their workforce compliance program. Our pre-built workflows are fully configurable, allowing employers to automate license application processes, ensuring that licenses are accurately tracked and maintained.

School nursing positions require a commitment to continuing education and professional development, and Certemys automated tracking system ensures that nurses remain compliant with certification standards. Employers are able to quickly and accurately verify certifications and monitor for any changes or exemptions. This ensures that school nurses are up-to-date with the latest licensing standards and can better provide the care their students need.

Using an automated primary source verification system is the best way for employers to ensure their nurse certifications are current and accurate. Certemys automated system makes it easy to verify credentials and manage compliance programs, which can save employers time, money, and resources. Automated systems also help prevent the use of fraudulent certifications and ensure that nurses provide the greatest care possible to their students.


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