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As a compliance lead at a hospital, you know the importance of verifying that all health care staff working under your jurisdiction have active professional licenses and certifications, ensuring they are appropriately renewed and free of disciplinary actions. Such assurance enhances safety and quality of care for patients, while facilitating adequate staff utilization.

To accomplish this, many hospitals have traditionally relied on manual processes including phone calls, email, and physical documentation. This is typical labor intensive, time consuming, and often costly. However, with the advent of automation technology, this task can be completed with increased efficiency, accuracy, and scalability. In this article, we’ll explore how certified license verification services can help healthcare organizations stay ahead of regulatory compliance and mitigate risk, through primary source verification.

The Benefits of Automated License Verification

Primary source verification is a critical component of healthcare delivery. It is also beneficial to guards against mismanagement, fraud and abuses in the healthcare system. As such, technology has become increasingly more important in protecting healthcare organizations from malpractice and liability. To meet the demands placed upon them, healthcare providers must leverage advanced tools to enable them to track certifications and licenses quickly and accurately, while mitigating risk.

In a highly regulated industry such as healthcare, automated license verification tools and systems provide a number of key benefits that manual processes simply cannot. These include:

Real-time Tracking and Monitoring: Automated primary source verification helps physicians and other healthcare personnel maintain up-to-date certifications and licenses. Real-time tracking is enabled, as organizations can receive instant updates as soon as a license or certification expires. This is far more reliable than manual processes.

Increased Efficiency: Automated license verification eliminates the need for time-consuming and labor intensive manual processes. Automated solutions save organizations the time, money, and hassle associated with manual certification and license tracking.

Improved Visibility: Automated license verification provides organizations with a single system of record, that can provide real-time visibility of all employee licenses and certifications. This improves accountability across the entire organization, making it easier to manage and monitor licensing within departments.

Easier Compliance and Workflows: Automated license verification solutions often come with pre-built workflows that can be used to track, manage, and provision certifications and licenses for health care staff, ensuring compliance and safeguarding data.

How Certified License Verification Services Enhance Compliance and Staff Utilization at Healthcare Organizations

Certified license verification services can help healthcare organizations enhance compliance and staff utilization. These services leverages automated operations that track and update certifications and licenses quickly, accurately, and reliably. As such, it eliminates the need for manual processes, saving time and money. With real-time tracking, organizations can easily monitor the status of employee certifications and licenses, quickly updating those that have expired or are due for renewal.

In addition, automated license verification also helps organizations quickly ascertain essential information, such as when a new hire needs a license or certification, or when a license is transferred from one location to another. This streamlines staff utilization, as essential personnel are quickly and reliably supplied with the licenses and certifications they need. Automated primary source verifications also helps organizations reduce the risk of hiring unqualified personnel, as their services verify the validity and credibility of each candidate.

The main takeaway

Certified license verification services are increasingly becoming integral in maintaining the quality of healthcare and personnel utilization in healthcare organizations. Automated primary source verifications provide a reliable and secure means of tracking and monitoring certifications and licenses, saving organizations time and money while helping reduce the risk of hiring unqualified personnel. For compliance leads, certified license verification services can help strengthen compliance measures while increasing efficiency and visibility across the entire organization.


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