License Verification Tool | Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist Perioperative

Certified Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) are health professionals that provide independent health care services, such as advocating for patients and providing knowledge-based clinical expertise, to individuals, families, and communities. Perioperative CNS specialize in pre and post-operative management of surgical patients. To ensure they are properly managing their staff’s clinical qualifications and regulations, utilizing license Verification software is a must.

License verification software helps maintain accurate records of each employees license and certifications. This information is verified with primary source verification. By having all of this information in one system, companies can easily track and manage the status of their employees credentials so they are always up to date. In addition to tracking, license verification software can streamline the process required to apply for a license or certification and help keep companies compliant with regulatory requirements.

Benefits of using license verification software include increased team productivity. As all of an organizations license and credential information is in one location, it makes retrieval fast and efficient. Employees can spend their time focusing on activities that are more likely to benefit the organization, rather than manually searching for license and certification information or dealing with paperwork.

Another benefit of license verification software is increased visibility across the organization. With greater insight into the qualifications of each employee, employers can easily review and update employee records, including their professional licenses and certification status. This makes it easy to keep track of employee credentials and quickly identify where team members need additional certifications or other training.

The ability to customize workflows within license verification software can also help employers stay organized and compliant. Companies can create customized checklists and reminders that help make the application process more efficient. For example, reminder emails can be sent when an employees license or certification expires and is due for renewal or when an applicant is missing a required form or document.

By leveraging license verification software, employers can ensure their staff is up to date with their certifications and licenses, reduce Compliance risks, and increase efficiency. Greater visibility into each employees qualifications can also make it easier to review team qualifications and ensure job requirements are met. Investing in license verification technology offers direct benefits to organizations that need to maintain a qualified and compliant workforce.


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