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Ensuring compliance with professional licenses and certifications is becoming increasingly more crucial for employers. Without a comprehensive system of tracking and verifying credentials, organizations run the risk of facing serious legal and financial penalties. The certification and license verification process can be a time-intensive endeavor for busy HR professionals. Certified Surgical Services Managers (CSSMs) are tasked with managing regulatory and standard-related compliance in health care, thus requiring confirmation of employees professional credentials. For CSSMs, the ability to automate the license verification process can save both time and ensure high-levels of accuracy.

Primary source verification has become the gold standard for license and certification tracking and confirming that credentials are still active and unfettered by sanctions. Manual verifications can take hours and require multiple calls and emails for each license and certification requiring confirmation. Verification systems that are automated dramatically reduce the time it takes to check the validity of license and certifications, thus allowing the organization to remain compliant with regulations.

Certemy is a leader in License Verification with an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications across all of the employees within a given organization. With Certemys verification system, CSSMs receive a complete view of the organization workforce compliance program while being able to stay ahead of regulatory compliance. Certemy also provides real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record to improve overall team productivity and visibility.

The automated process is simple and efficient, starting with the creation of a profile for each employee. With this profile, the details from the license and certification such as expiration dates, sanctions or other actions taken against the license, and any continuing education required can be securely stored. By tracking the expiration dates, reminders can be sent when the license or certification is close to the expiration date to provide sufficient time for the renewal, keeping the organization in compliance with regulations.

Certemys system also increases efficiency by preventing the duplication of efforts. For example, if multiple employees apply for the same license or certification in the same or similar area, Certemys platform allows the ability to share and collaborate profiles, reducing the requirement to complete duplicate paperwork. The platform also allows the ability to assign tasks to individuals in order to complete license applications with pre-built workflows.

Certemy is trusted by some of the biggest employers in the United States to reduce their workload, increase their security, and improve staff utilization. As the regulatory landscape in the health care industry continues to evolve, CSSMs must ensure that their organizations remain in compliance and up to date with the latest requirements for professional certifications and licenses. Certemys automated primary source verification provides the visibility and control necessary to ensure employee credentials remain valid and sanctions-free.


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