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As an Asbestos Worker Supervisor, you are responsible for the safety and health of workers on asbestos projects under your AFC (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act) certification. To ensure that you and your team are compliant with all state laws, certifications and qualifications of each worker, it is essential to have an automated system in place for primary source license Verification. Certemy provides a comprehensive license verification solution that combines advanced technology and a live data platform to instantly confirm and authenticate that workers are properly licensed, qualified and that their licenses are up-to-date with any changes to local laws.

Asbestos Worker Supervisors are entrusted to make sure all workers are compliant with the necessary qualifications for asbestos work; therefore, it is important to have a reliable system that allows the quick verification of individual license credentials. Certemys platform simplifies and accelerates the license verification process and ensures the accuracy of information. It is tailored to government and private employers, allowing them to have total control and visibility over employee licenses and certifications, increasing reputational risk, reducing administrative costs and liabilities, and allowing supervisors to quickly and easily identify any discrepancies in qualification requirements.

Certemy is the leader in license verification and primary source verification of Asbestos Worker Supervisors. It provides a fully automated platform to ensure Compliance for supervisors and organizations. It has a user-friendly interface with features that allow reviewers to easily compare qualifications to local requirements and flag any discrepancies. The system also provides customizable workflows to streamline administrative processes, including the tracking and renewal of licenses and certifications for employers and Asbestos Worker Supervisors.

Certemys license verification system allows for quick and easy verification of individual credentials. The system checks for any sanctions or disciplinary actions registered against an individual license and provides an alert if any are detected. The automated system also checks for expiredlicenses so that supervisors can be aware of any issues and take action in order to maintain compliance.

In addition, the verification system allows supervisors and organizations to stay ahead of regulatory compliance by tracking and maintaining employee records on a daily basis. Records can be updated and imported from third-party systems. Reports can be generated in minutes that detail an employees qualifications, any discrepancies in qualifications, and any disciplinary action taken.

Certemy also offers a verification audIt iservice for Asbestos Worker Supervisors. The audIt iservice is designed to review and identify any discrepancies in the verification process to ensure accuracy and compliance. During an audit, Certemy experts assess all areas of the process, from documentation to licensing requirements, and provide recommendations for improvement.

For organizations and Asbestos Worker Supervisors, Certemy provides a comprehensive and secure license verification process that simplifies and streamlines the verification process. With its user-friendly interface and robust audit features, it is the go-to source for organizations and supervisors to ensure compliance and mitigate risk.


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