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License Verification is a critical part of health care staffing and human resources operations. It involves validating the professional credentials of each and every health care provider, from RNs to adult-gerontology clinical nurse specialists. The goal is to ensure they are actively working and renewed, free from any sanctions or disciplinary actions, while respecting applicable regulations.

Given the complexity of manual license verification, It is no wonder that many organizations are turning to automated license tracking and primary source verification solutions. Automation delivers a clear picture of the workforce Compliance program and delivers a variety of benefits for the health care provider and health care organizations.

This article looks at what a license verification solution is and how it can make compliance easier and faster for your organization.

What Is License Verification?

Licensing verification is the process of checking that a health care provider, from a doctor of medicine to a nurse, possesses an appropriate and up-to-date license. The verification also looks into any potential sanctions or disciplinary actions that may have been taken against them.

Licensing verification is necessary whether the provider is a full-time employee, a contract hire, or a graduate student first entering practice. Organizations must ensure that their entire health care staff is compliant and free from any kind of disciplinary or legal action.

Part of the verified license, the initial review process is delivered via primary or secondary sources. Licenses may be obtained by the health care provider themselves, or verified through Primary Source Verification (PSV) technology, which involves the provider’s national or state licensing board.

Benefits of Automated Licensing Verification

Organizations that use automated license verification software gain a number of advantages over manual systems.

1. Real-Time Tracking

Automated license verification systems provide real-time tracking of all employee licenses and credentials in one system of record. This simplifies the process of finding and managing the data and reduces the possibility of errors.

2. Increased Efficiency

Manual processes refer to paper-based license verification methods (e.g. faxing or mailing). Automated license verification software helps to take the manual steps out of the process, saving time and helping to massively increase efficiency.

3. Improved Visibility Across the Entire Organization

Automated license tracking ensures that everyone in the organization can access the same data ? from administrators to managers to compliance leads. This collaborative approach accelerates the process of managing credentialing and compliance.

4. Fully Configurable Workflows

Organizations can improve the efficiency of license applications by leveraging automated workflows that are fully configurable in the license verification system. Pre-defined application steps can be tailored to each particular case.

Certemy: License Verification Made Easy

Certemy makes license verification simple with an automated primary source verification system. This system validates occupational licenses and certifications across your employees to ensure that they are actively renewed and free of any disciplinary action.

The Certemysystem ensures that compliance is always up to date and helps to save time and effort while mitigating any risks. Large US employers have already trusted Certemy to help manage their workforce compliance program.

Plus, the Certemysystem is designed to help improve visibility and staff utilization. It allows for real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one central system, and can help automate license application processes.

Concluding remarks

License verification is vital for any organization attempting to comply with national and state-level regulations. Automated license verification ensures that the data is always up to date, is easily accessible, and is reliable.

Certemys license verification system helps organizations efficiently manage workforce compliance programs. By simplifying the licensing process, it helps to save time and effort while ensuring that the regulatory requirements are met.


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