License Verification Tool | CCRN – Critical Care Registered Nurse

Managing your Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN) employees can be a challenge. With Certemy, you can create visibility and control of your workforce Compliance program with an automated license Verification system. Certemy providers real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials for all of your CCRN employees in one system of record.

The Compliance Benefits of Certemys License Verification System

Certemy offers several compliance benefits for organizations that employ CCRN?s. It is automated primary source verification system validates all occupational licenses and certifications of your employees to ensure that they are active, renewed, and without any sanctions or other disciplinary actions. An organization can mitigate compliance risks by staying ahead of all regulatory compliance, while tracking and managing all licenses and certifications efficiently.

Improvement in Team Productivity and Visibility with Certemy

Certemy can help improve team productivity and visibility within the entire organization. Organizations can use pre-built workflows in the system that are fully configurable to automate the application process for new licenses and certifications. This helps to reduce unnecessary paperwork, save time, and free up resources that would typically be devoted to license management.

Certemys Cost and Time Saving Benefits for CCRN Compliance

Certemy is a cost-effective system for managing CCRN compliance. Not only does Certemy reduce manual input costs, but it also gives organizations a single system of record to validate and store CCRN licenses and certifications. This one system can access employee information from multiple sources, helping to ensure the accuracy of data and minimize any errors related to employee license and certification tracking. Additionally, Certemysaves organizations valuable time in managing licenses and certifications, which can be used for other important HR operations.

Certemy is an innovative way to simplify the management of CCRN compliance. It offers a straightforward system to validate, store, and track CCRN licenses and certifications, enabling organizations to ensure their employees are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. With its automated primary source verification system, organizations can mitigate their compliance risk and ensure that their CCRN?s are up to date on their licenses and certifications. Additionally, Certemy provides robust workflows to automate the application process and reduce manual input costs. All in all, Certemy is the ideal solution for organizations with CCRN employees.


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