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For organizations and businesses in the healthcare industry, the need to verify and track licenses of its staff?especially those who are qualified to practice with a Doctor of Healthcare Administration (DHA) degree?is paramount to protecting their business and the well-being of their patients. As the healthcare industry continues to shift toward greater emphasis on compliance, license verification is a critical measure for businesses to take.

To simplify the process of verifying doctor’s licenses and credentials, Certemy is a comprehensive license verification platform to help organizations accomplish this important task. Automated process actively track and manage licenses of an organizations staff with real-time primary source verification, and powerful reporting capabilities to maintain compliance and optimize team productivity.

What is a Doctor of Healthcare Administration (DHA) and why is verifying its credentials important?

A Doctor of Healthcare Administration (DHA) is an advanced-level degree program that focuses on the principles and processes of healthcare and hospital administration, including strategic management and organizational change. It provides individuals the knowledge necessary to become a leader in the medical profession.

Since a DHA degree indicates a higher level of expertise and a more advanced understanding of medical administration, it is highly important to verify that the credentials of an individual claiming it are genuine. Some organizations and employers choose to perform primary source verification, which involves reaching out to the organization or governing authority that granted the license and confirming its authenticity. Improperly verified credentials can have serious legal repercussions, which is why it is important to thoroughly verify that a DHA license is valid and current before hiring an individual or granting privileges to them in the organization.

How Certemys Automated Platform Ensures a Smooth License Verification Process

Certemy offers one of the most efficient solutions for verifying the credentials of individuals with a DHA license. Our online platform automatically handles the primary source verification process in a secure and compliant manner. It also includes an automated license tracking feature that allows organizations to stay up-to-date with the status of their staff’s licenses.

The platform also has plenty of useful features that effectively meet the needs of organizations in the healthcare industry. Companies can easily manage multiple sets of credentials and draw deep insights into the data. Certemys prepackaged workflows provide organizations full control over the credential deductions process, ensuring that there is no gap in compliance. Certemy can also help businesses save time on manual tasks, focus on more valuable work, and maintain up-to-date records of their teams license status.

Concluding remarks

Licensing and credential verification is an important part of an organizations compliance and risk management strategy. For organizations in the healthcare industry, verifying the credentials of staff with a DHA degree is paramount in order to protect their business and well-being of their patients. Certemy provides a secure and compliant approach to the license verification process with its comprehensive platform of automated workflows and license tracking features. With Certemy, businesses can easily ensure that their staff have valid and current credentials and keep up with the ever-changing landscape of healthcare compliance.



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