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When hiring Certified Dialysis Nurses, It is important that organizations maintain Compliance with state and federal regulations related to license and certification Verification. Automated primary source license verification is becoming increasingly necessary for organizations to streamline their verification processes, save time, and mitigate risk when hiring and managing protected healthcare staff.

A Certified Dialysis Nurse (CDN) is an experienced healthcare professional who has specific knowledge about dialysis therapy. The National Nephrology Certification Organization (NNCO) is the professional organization that oversees and awards the CDN certification after applicants have met the required qualifications. NNCO is a sub-division of the National Kidney Foundation. CDNs play an important role in the effective administration of dialysis treatment and in primary healthcare care delivery for patients with end stage renal failure.

When verifying the licenses and certification of a CDN, Department of Health regulatory requirements must be met. It is also necessary to confirm that the certification is valid and free of sanctions. For this reason, many organizations are turning to automated primary source license verification to track and manage employees with speed and accuracy.

Automated primary source license verification allows organizations to reduce risks of non-compliance, improve staff utilization, and provide leadership with greater visibility and control over established workflows. Such solutions can also include pre-built workflows (e.g. license applications) as well as validation for both state and federal regulatory requirements.

By utilizing an automated license verification system, organizations can ensure that they are always informed of the verifications of their CDN staff. This helps organizations stay up to date with licensee renewals and alert them to cases where an employees license may have been suspended or terminated.

Using an automated license verification system also helps to streamline processes such as new-hire onboarding, employee management, and applicant tracking. An automated system offers organizations the ability to provide up-to-date records of employee verification status, improve payroll accuracy, and reduce administrative costs.

Overall, automated primary source verification is beneficial to organizations for verifying licenses and certification for healthcare professionals such as a CDN. Such systems ensure that organizations are able to confirm that their employees are compliant and free of sanctions, while also benefiting from improved staff utilization and cost savings.


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