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Clinical nurse specialist (CNS) license verification is a vital process that ensures nurses comply with regulations and have the required credentials to practice professionally. For human resource and operations teams, it is essential that all team members and staff possess valid and equally importantly, up-to-date licenses. Keeping track of CNE specialist credentialing can be both difficult and time-consuming. Automated license verification is an innovative technology that streamlines the process of verifying and tracking CNS licenses, freeing up resources and saving time in the process.

Organizations rely on health care professionals to provide important services in a safe and competent way. As regulations become more and more stringent, employers must continually ensure their occupational licenses are valid to meet and even exceed regulatory compliance standards. Clinical Nurse Specialists play a significant role in helping human resources and operations teams with this task. Professionals who specialize in license verifications can often automate processes to make it easier to track the licensing status of all staff members.

For organizations looking to maximize customer service, it is essential to use a primary source license verification system as part of their compliance program. With an automated system, employers are able to track and manage CNS licenses with precision. These systems can also help to make sure an organization is keeping up-to-date with regulatory compliance standards. Employers can receive real-time updates on employees license status, which can be vital to staying in compliance. Staff utilization is improved by such a system and more precise staff development can be made with such results.

One tool employers can use to meet their licensing objectives is Certemy. Certemy is a leader in License Verification and has an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications across an organizations employees, confirming that they remain active and appropriately renewed with no sanctions or disciplinary actions. The system also provides complete visibility and control over a workforce compliance program, as well as pre-built workflows that are adjustable to customize the license application processes.

Utilizing an automated license verification system for CNSs is an excellent way that organizations can take ownership of their employee regulatory compliance. Employers are able to effectively manage personnel with up-to-date reporting on licensing standards. Care teams are also able to save time on manual verification processes, while not having to worry about outdated or incorrect license information being accepted.


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