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As more organizations and employers are more strictly adhering to regulatory compliance, it is essential to ensure that all business operations are following the domestic and international licensing requirements for professional licenses. Doctor of Nursing Science (DNS) license verification is a crucial aspect to comply with ? not only for the safety of patients but also to be in compliance with the standards set by the government.

In this article, we will discuss the comprehensive guide on Doctor of Nursing Science (DNS) license verification and the importance of ensuring that healthcare providers have the appropriate educational credentials. This will also cover the techniques organizations can adopt to make sure that they remain compliant with all license verification requirements.

What is Doctor of Nursing Science (DNS) License Verification?

Doctor of Nursing Science (DNS) license verification is defined as the process of authenticating the license of a healthcare professional to practice in accordance with the standards set by the relevant regulatory authority. This process ensures that healthcare professional who hold a DNS license have pursued the required educational courses, completed the required clinical experience, and received the appropriate credentials from the state board. Furthermore, it also involves verifying the credentials of the healthcare provider such as their educational background, specializations, and experience.

Importance of Doctor of Nursing Science (DNS) License Verification

DNS license verification is important from multiple perspectives. First, it allows employers to hire or promote qualified staffs who have the correct credentials and qualifications to work in their specific area of expertise. Additionally, it helps the healthcare clinics to comply with the regulations set for the quality of service and safety standards.

Employers or healthcare institutions should also consider that the verification process fulfils the licensing criteria specified by the state board and ensures that the doctor follows the established few rules and regulations based on the professional standards and codes of conduct. This includes the referential standards set for the diagnosis and treatment of the patients, procedures followed while working in the clinical setting, and filing of documents such as the medical bills.

Lastly, this also helps the medical institutions to keep a check on both short-term and long-term staffing needs. By conducting a routine DNS license verification, healthcare employers make sure that they can recruit highly qualified professionals who are best suited for the job positions.

Methods of DNS License Verification

Healthcare employers can opt for three ways to perform a DNS license verification. The first and most common way is to contact the healthcare provider?s original medical school or college for an official verification. The second option is to submit a state board inquiry to the state board where the healthcare provider is licensed. Lastly, healthcare employers can consult with third-party services that specialize in license verification as they provide an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licences and certifications.

Using a Primary Source Verification System

Certemy, a leader in license verification, provides an automated primary source verification system allows healthcare employers to validate occupational licences and certifications. This system leverages pre-built workflows that are configurable to automate license application processes. The system generates real-time tracking of employee licenses, enabling employers to improve team productivity and keep track of the entire organization in one place.

Wrap Up

To conclude, it is essential for healthcare employers to verify the credentials of DNS healthcare professionals before hiring. By doing so, organizations can mitigate the risk of any potential liability or unlawful conduct. Primary source verification makes the DNS license verification process easier, efficient, and more secure. Leveraging a third-party service such as Certemy can help in automatically track the credentials of the healthcare providers and ensure organizations maintain compliance with the specific regulations and guidelines.


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