License Verification Tool | Cardiac Surgery (Adult)

Cardiac surgery (adult) is a highly regulated profession, requiring certification and licensing. With increased oversight, organizations must rigorously track and manage licenses and certifications of their healthcare professionals to mitigate risk and maintain Compliance. Employers are turning to automated license Verification systems to help ease the challenging process of license tracking and management.

Certemys automated license verification system provides healthcare organizations the visibility and control necessary to quickly and easily track and manage license and certification data. Backed by a secure Primary Source Verification system, employers can feel confident their personnel are properly licensed and credentialed for their profession.

Continuous Credential Management

Certemys automated license tracking system requires virtually no manual input and is effortless to implement. With real-time tracking of employee credentials, organizations have access to the information necessary to make educated staffing decisions. The system’s comprehensive custom reports offer a complete view of credential statuses, expiration dates, and renewals, enabling managers to make adjustments as needed to maintain compliance while ensuring team productivity.

Enhanced Workflow Automation

Certemy offers a wide range of pre-built workflows which are fully customizable to easily automate license application processes. These workflows guide applicants through the license process, from initiation to renewal, with specific instructions, including which documents are benefitial for the process. Managers receive notifications throughout the entire license cycle, from application submission all the way through approval, to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Secure Employee Database

Organizations of all sizes rely on Certemys secure employee database for data protection from unauthorized access to personnel records. Certemys audit-based system provides continuous monitoring of both user-level and system-level activities, offering a security net to protect employee information.

Integration Platform

With its robust application programming interface (API) platform, Certemy easily integrates with most existing systems, such as applicant tracking systems, electronic medical record systems, health information systems, and many others. Its API framework allows users to customize their workflow and integration requirements.


In the healthcare field, compliance should never be an afterthought. Organizations must adhere closely to the regulations and guidelines in order to operate safely and effectively. With Certemys automated license verification system, healthcare employers are able to maintain license and certification oversight in an efficient and secure manner while managing staff utilization and mitigating risk.


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