License Verification Tool | AFN-BC – Advanced Forensic Nurses

Advanced forensic nurses (AFN-BC) are increasingly important in the medical field. With a robust understanding of criminal justice systems, crime scene procedures, and wide-reaching forensic principles, AFN-BCs offer a crucial bridge between all aspects of the healthcare and legal contexts. Forensic nurses find themselves working in a variety of clinical settings, making them a key asset to any healthcare team.

For human resource leaders in healthcare, license Verification of AFN-BCs is critical when it comes to ensuring Compliance. As the demand for treatment and care increases, human resource professionals must continue to source and verify licensed nurses as quickly as possible. Certemy is a cutting-edge license verification system that offers a one-stop-shop for verifying license credentials across the United States. This robust system eliminates the delays and tediousness of manual license verification and provides organizations with visibility, control, and efficiency when it comes to ensuring AFN-BC compliance.

What is Certemy and Why is it Needed for AFN-BC License Verification?

Certemy is a license verification system that automates primary source verification and allows organizations to stay ahead of regulatory compliance and store license and credential information in one system of record. With Certemy, human resource professionals can streamline license application processes, securely store and transfer credentials, and remain compliant with changing regulations. Additionally, Certemy enables organizations to track license expirations, provide improved visibility and control of the workforce status, and improve staff utilization.

For human resource teams in charge of licensing and compliance, Certemy is a mission-critical tool, as manual license verification can be time-consuming and potentially inaccurate. With Certemy, human resource professionals have the capability to automatically track and verify all AFN-BCs and other credentials, ensuring the quality and accuracy of all license and credential verification.

How Does Certemy Automate the License Verification Process?

Certemy takes the pain out of manual license verification with automation and pre-built workflows that are fully conformable to the organizations licensing requirements. With this system, certification application processes are automatically tracked with real-time visibility across the entire organization. Human resource teams are able to save time and leverage data to better understand their staff.

Certemys license verification system is designed to be flexible and adaptable to any organizations unique needs. Organizations can easily tailor the workflow process to follow their existing compliance processes and have full control of the verification process. The certifications and licenses can be managed through one secure portal and all credential records are verified through primary source offsite validation with state and national regulatory agencies.

What are the Benefits of Verifying AFN-BC Licenses with Certemy?

Verifying AFN-BC licenses with Certemy eliminates the hassle and stress associated with manual verification processes. With Certemy, organizations can easily manage employee licenses through one secure portal and all license records will be verified with primary source validation from state and national agencies. Additionally, Certemy provides improved team productivity, automatic license tracking, and streamlined workflows.

Overall, Certemy is an essential tool for human resource teams tasked with license verification, as it eliminates the need for manual record-keeping and ensures compliance with existing regulations. The automated license verification process provides organizations with an efficient and accurate approach to managing the licensing of AFN-BCs and other relevant professional certifications.


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