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As an employer, especially of hazardous industries such as asbestos abatement and removal, it is essential to ensure that all of your personnel hold the correct credentials and licenses to do their job. Without effective Compliance validation, your organization can face fines, damages, lawsuits, and reputation issues. With Certemy as an automated license Verification solution, you can be sure that all of your asbestos worker supervisors have the correct licenses at all times.

To ensure compliance and maintain a safe working environment, local, state, and federal laws regulate the asbestos industry in the United States. Asbestos worker supervisor license requirements depend on the state in which your company operates. Before hiring anyone, or renewing an existing worker?s license, you should contact your state licensing board to make sure that the qualification requirements are up to date and compliant.

When you use Certemy to verify asbestos worker supervisor licenses, you will get complete visibility into the status of all your personnel’s licenses. Using Certemys automated primary source license verification system, you can quickly validate that licenses are active, renewed, and free of any disciplinary action. This will help to protect your organization from potential compliance issues.

Certemy provides a comprehensive view into the status of all licenses and certifications held by your workers. Its automated system provides real-time tracking for keeping these credentials up-to-date, so you always know if a license or certification has expired or been revoked. It also eliminates the need for manual tracking and paperwork.

The system works by connecting to primary source databases to track license status. Primary source databases allow you to validate that a license really belongs to a particular worker, allowing you to make reliable compliance evaluations.

Certemys automated pre-built workflows are also configurable to simplify the process of getting and renewing the necessary credentials. This will help to maintain accurate records and track changes. This helps to ensure that the credentials held by the employees are consistent and current at all times.

All of these benefits save time and effort, while reducing the risk of costly compliance violations. Certemys automated tool is trusted by some of the biggest companies in the US, so you can be sure your organization is using the best and most reliable license verification system for your asbestos workers.

Overall, Certemys automated primary source license verification system is the best way to ensure that your workers holding the appropriate qualifications and credentials for the safety and compliance of your organization.


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