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Emergency nursing care can be a dynamic and challenging career and CENs are hospital-based nurses that specialize in emergency care. To ensure excellent care, nurses must meet stringent standards, qualifications, and undergo a certifying process, including obtaining a CEN license from the Board of Nursing. The process of obtaining and maintaining the CEN license, along with all the paperwork and organizational requirements, can be a laborious process, especially for larger organizations.

To make license Verification and Compliance simpler, many healthcare organizations are turning to automated primary source verification systems. These software solutions streamline and automate the CEN license verification process, while ensuring compliance with internal and external regulatory bodies.

What is Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) License Verification?

Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) License Verification is the process of verifying that CENs have valid licenses from the Board of Nursing. This verification includes checking that the license is active and up-to-date, and that there are no sanctions or other disciplinary action against the holder. It is important to verify CEN licenses, as this allows hospitals and healthcare organizations to ensure they are providing care that meets the standards set by the Board of Nursing.

Benefits of Automating CEN License Verification

Organizations that automate CEN license verification benefit from several advantages, including improved compliance, accuracy and efficiency. Automated solutions reduce the need for manual checks; save time and resources; and provide oversight and control over the process.

Automating CEN license verification also reduces the risk of human error, as well as providing access to real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system. Automating license verification allows organizations to track licenses directly with primary source verification, to ensure that nurses are providing care that meets the standards of the Board of Nursing.

How to Automate CEN License Verification

Organizations can automate CEN license verification by using a license verification solution, such as Certemy. Certemy provides a comprehensive license verification system to automate the process of verifying CEN licenses from the Board of Nursing.

The solution simplifies the process of verifying CEN licenses, by performing primary source verification checks in real-time to validate the validity of the license. Certemy also enables organizations to configure workflows and automatically track and manage licenses and certifications with primary source verification.

Organizations using Certemy can also obtain instant notifications when a license is about to expire or when a license renewal is due, ensuring that the organization is always kept up-to-date. This eliminates the need for manual checks and makes license verification much simpler.

Final considerations

Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) license verification is an important part of ensuring that emergency nurses are qualified to provide care that meets the standards set by the Board of Nursing. Automating CEN license verification makes the process much simpler, while ensuring accuracy and compliance from the organization.

Organizations that need to automate CEN license verification can use a license verification solution such as Certemy, which provides real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system. With its automated workflows and notifications, Certemysimplifies the process of verifying CEN licenses and helps organizations stay compliant with the Board of Nursing.


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