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The explosion of global digital networks and increased mobility of people across the world has created a constantly changing landscape for work, and human resource operations need to keep up to protect their business from risk and ensure the right employees are in the right positions. Doing so requires staying up-to-date with licensing and certification verification, requiring a combination of audits, document reviews, and primary source verification.

Relying on manual processes for tracking certification and licensing of personnel can lead to significant workplace compliance issues that are costly, time-consuming, and can put companies at risk. Primary source verification (PSV) is the most accurate and reliable way to run background checks on employees, contractors, and sub-contractors to ensure your business is compliant with both federal and local occupational licensing and regulatory requirements. PSV is an effective way to gain confidence in employee credentials.

Certemy is a leader in License Verification, with an automated primary source verification system, verifying occupational licenses and certifications across your employees, with manual and automated systems for auditing, document reviews, and primary source verification. Real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record, all with one, secure, user-friendly platform, quickly and accurately builds confidence in your workplace compliance.

The Certemy platform automatically tracks and manages licensing and certification of your personnel which makes it easier for HR departments to stay ahead of regulatory compliance using pre-built workflows. These workflows are designed to accelerate license application processes and save your business time while also mitigating risk and improving staff utilization.

Certemy even offers complimentary Applicantpass? mobile apps for job seekers, making it easier for the applicant to apply for jobs, providing real-time mobile check-ins and access to documentation that satisfy many of the standard legal and credential requirements for onboarding. This not only eliminates re-work needed to obtain additional documents, but also adds a layer of security to the process.

By using Certemy, you can maintain compliance and protect your business from risk while managing the process of license verification faster and more efficient. Complete visibility and control of your workforce compliance program is available with Certemys real-time monitoring and primary source licenses and certifications verifications. This allows the organization to become more productive as well as have a better understanding of their employees credentials resulting in better utilization.

At Certemy, their automated, cloud-based platform makes managing employee licensing and certifications easy while also saving small business owners time and money. Including instant integration with popular payroll and HR systems,businesses canWquickly and easily measure and enforce compliance. As a licensed professional, Certemy is your trusted resource, to protect your company, your brand, and your customer.




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