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Certified Flight Registered Nurses (CFRN) are a critical part of an organizations flight operations. The professionals who possess this certification must be well-educated, experienced, and maintain their credentials to ensure their patient care in the air meets the highest of standards.

To verify and keep track of these highly-trained health specialists? credentials, organizations turn to a license verification system. Automated license verification provides employers with real-time insights into the credentials of their CFRNs. This type of technology provides them with a comprehensive risk management solution, which helps them stay ahead of regulatory compliance and keep their operations safe and properly staffed.

What is an Automated License Verification System?

Highly-trained and experienced health care professionals such as CFRNs require specialized licensure in order to legally practice in the air. Organizations employ a license verification system to certify that their personnel possess a valid professional credential(s) and allow their operations to be compliant with regulatory requirements.

An automated license verification system is a secure web-based solution that collects and stores a health professional?s licensure information in one system of record. The system retrieves the data from reliable primary sources to verify license status and provide employers with real-time updates about employee credentials.

In addition to collecting and storing credential information, the system also helps organizations manage the application process and proactively track license expiration dates.

Benefits of an Automated License Verification System

By leveraging an automated license verification system, organizations benefit from cost-effective and time-saving advantages. The implementation of this certification verification technology helps employers vastly reduce the amount of time they would otherwise spend manually verifying credentials.

In the case of CFRNs, automatic credential lookup results provide employers with visibility and control of their flight operations workforce compliance program. Automation also helps mitigate risk and streamlines communication between an organization and its CFRNs, as new licenses are updated in real-time.

Furthermore, the primary source verification also adds extra assurance to employers, as automated license verification systems ensure the accuracy of the data.

The use of an automated license verification system can greatly improve an organizations workflow and streamline their license management processes. By having real-time monitoring and up-to-date credentials, employers can easily remain compliant and in control of their flight operations workforce compliance program.

End thoughts

The use of an automated license verification system makes it easy for employers to monitor, manage, and stay compliant with the credentials of their CFRN?s personnel. As license renewal information is collected directly from reliable primary sources, employers can trust they have real-time insights into their employees? certifications and stay ahead of any changes in their credential status.



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