License Verification Tool | Certified Occupational Health Nurse

As organizations strive to maintain Compliance with regulations and standards of practice, Certified Occupational Health Nurses (COHNs) have to demonstrate they are properly qualified, certified, and appropriately licensed to carry out their duties. COHNs are responsible for managing occupational health, safety, and wellbeing as part of the organization, and as such, employers must be able to easily verify credentials and authorization.

Certemy is an automated primary source Verification system that provides employers with the control and visibility needed for a competent occupational health compliance program. Developed with state-of-the-art technology, Certemy can ensure that credentials are up-to-date, that sanctions or other form of disciplinary action are not present, and that the renewal is handled responsibly.

Certified Occupational Health nurses must comply with a range of regulations that include HIPAA privacy, safety and infection control, practice guidelines, and state licensure requirements. Organizations must have solid processes in place to remain in compliance and Certemy provides the mechanism to verify credentials and maintain compliance with regulations.

Certemy offers a full suite of services to help maintain an organizations compliance program. Its primary source verification system tracks and manages certifications and licenses in real-time, ensuring that credentials are up-to-date and employees are fit to carry out the duties required. Automated workflows are in place to simplify the application process and provide notifications should any changes be identified.

The platform also enables better team productivity and helps flag risks across the organization. Data is centralized in one place, enabling supervisors to quickly produce reports and manage compliance tasks without unnecessary bureaucracy. Certemy offers quick access to the current certification and license information without the need for manual searches.

Organizations can also receive updates on newly enacted or updated regulations, keep track of employee certifications, and receive notifications if a license expires, ensuring that the COHNs maintain their credentials and compliance with standards of practice at all times.

Certemy is now essential for any organization that employs certified occupational health nurses. Automated license tracking and primary source verification, combined with installed workflows can save time, reduce risk, and offer complete visibility for organizations to maintain staff and regulatory compliance.


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