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With the continuously evolving standards of occupational licensing, healthcare employers struggle to comply with necessary regulatory advancements. To ensure a safe and prosperous business environment, businesses need access to primary source verification that validates the medical credentials of its employees. This is especially important in industries requiring a Doctor of Healthcare Administration (DHA) degree, which is a high-level certification and professional credential that must be continually maintained to ensure the highest standards.

In two recent cases, a California hospital and Colorado hospital were each fined because they failed to meet the licensing requirements for at least 24 medical professionals. The fines totaled millions of dollars between the two cases and serve as a strong warning to employers that remaining compliant with the licenses of employees is incredibly important.

Verifying and tracking licenses and credentials of employees can be a difficult task. Typically, employers need to manually check licences with multiple primary sources. This paper will explore the benefits of automating license and credential verification for jobs requiring a DHA degree

Why Automating License/Credential Verification Is Necessary

Automation can offer healthcare employers great benefits, especially when it comes to occupational licensing. Automation makes verifying and tracking medical credentials much more efficient and cost-effective. There are several important advantages to automating the license verification process for jobs requiring a DHA degree:

Reduces risk of non-compliance: Automation will reduce the risks of non-compliance by providing accurate and up-to-date verification. It eliminates the manual steps of verifying licenses with state boards which can be time-consuming. With automated license verification, businesses can have peace of mind knowing that their licenses are current and compliant.

Increases Accuracy: Automation can also help to increase accuracy. Automated systems can cross-reference data between primary sources, ensuring that the credentials of employees are always accurate and up-to-date. This helps to reduce errors that can occur with manual processes.

Saves Time: Automating the license/credential verification process can save time for employers as it eliminates the need to manually verify licenses with each state board. Automation can reduce the burden on employers by streamlining and simplifying the credential validation process.

Reduces Cost: Automation can also reduce costs associated with verifying and re-verifying licenses. Automated systems can be more cost-effective than manual processes as they require less time and resources.

Improves Visibility: Automating the license verification process will improve visibility into the status of licenses. Automation systems can provide employers with real-time updates on the status of a license or credential, which helps to ensure that businesses are always up-to-date and compliant.

Finding the Right Automation Technology to Help Your Business

For healthcare employers looking to automate license and credential verification for DHAs, it is important to find a technology that is reliable and trustworthy. Certemy is a leader in license verification with an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses for DHAs.

Certemys automated system provides businesses with complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance. It offers business the ability to automatically track and manage licenses, certifications, and credentials with primary source verification. Employers can stay ahead of regulatory compliance with automated license tracking and verification.

Certemys system also offers employers real-time tracking of their employees? credentials. This allows businesses to improve team productivity and visibility across their organization. It also provides businesses with configurable workflows to automate the license application process.

In the end

Automating license/credential verification is essential for healthcare employers. Automation offers businesses time and cost savings, accuracy, and improved visibility. Certemy is a leader in license verification with an automated system that helps to reduce the risk of non-compliance and streamline occupational licensing for employers.


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