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As compliance risks increasingly become greater in the workplace, organizations are turning to solutions to build a comprehensive program to monitor the status and renewal of their employees occupational certifications?including electricians. Primary source verification and automated license tracking are two components of an effective compliance strategy designed to mitigate the costs of non-compliance due to expired or suspended credentials.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification is the practice of confirming the status, renewal, and qualifications of a license or certification directly from the issuing source. This verification process is the most effective way to accurately determine the validity of occupational accreditation.

In the U.S., PSE (Primary Source Verification) can be done using one of the four major primary sources. The National Council of Environmental Professionals (NCEP), the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the American Bar Association (ABA), and the CPA Examination Services are all associated with sources for validated credentials.

Primary source verification can also be done through direct contact with the issuing organization, such as referring to an annual report. Additionally, individuals can utilize external companies who are accredited to perform primary source verifications on behalf of employers. Primary source verifications protect organizations from the risks of hiring individuals with misrepresented or invalid credentials.

Automated License Tracking

Automated license tracking, or ALT, enables organizations to manage their employees? license and certification renewal process from a single, centralized system. ALT technology continually scans databases to determine if any occupational certifications held by an employee have expired, are close to expiring, or have gone out of compliance or have been flagged for suspension.

ALT systems serve two important roles. First, they identify which expired or suspended certifications need to be addressed in a timely manner. Second, they continuously ensure the credentials are up-to-date and comply with government regulations and industry standards.

Employers can set ALT systems to automatically alert the compliance team at any sign of a credential expiring or becoming out of compliance. This helps to maintain a safe working environment, and keeps the employer informed of any changes that could affect the credential or the individual?s ability to work legally.

Organizations can set ALT alerts to notify them when credentials expire or are nearing expiration. This allows employers to make sure that all required certifications are current and up-to-date. Employers can also receive notifications when they have been alerted to any new certifications or changes to existing certifications that could affect the individual?s ability to work.

Benefits of Utilizing Automated License Tracking and Primary Source Verification

Organizations that utilize automated license tracking and primary source verification benefit from having visibility of all of their employee certifications in one system. Employers can stay ahead of their compliance requirements by automating their workflows and having their license and certification program run more efficiently.

Companies can measure and monitor employee performance to ensure that certifications remain current and compliant. Companies can also stay ahead of regulatory compliance by automatically renewing certifications and by regularly conducting primary source verifications.

Organizations also benefit from improved team productivity through the use of automated license tracking and primary source verification. By automating license application processes and generating workflows that are fully configurable for license and certification tracking, setting up and managing licenses and certifications is easier and more efficient.

Employers also find that using an automated license tracking and primary source verification system reduces their risk of being caught off-guard by sudden license suspensions or expiry, saves them time by streamlining their compliance processes, and improves staff utilization.

Concluding perspectives

With mandated licenses and professional certifications, there is a critical need for organizations to create and maintain compliant records and up-to-date documentation. Primary source verification and automated license tracking offer organizations a reliable way to ensure certifications remain current and compliant. With pre-built workflows and real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record, employers save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization.



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