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Whether they’re installing, inspecting, or maintaining electrical systems, electricians require special knowledge, skill set, and competence to ensure safety compliance as well as maintain quality standards. Companies are held accountable in many instances to continually verify the license status of their electricians, which can be a massive project requiring a large amount of resources and time. Through automated license verification, organizations can save considerable time and resources, as well as improve safety standards ? all while remaining compliant with the local, state and federal regulations.

Understanding Electrician Licensing Requirements

Electrician licensing requirements vary considerably by state, but most states will require electricians to have a valid license before they can work. Generally, a license is required to work as an electrician, and may include an examination, experience and/or an apprenticeship with a certified master electrician. However, since licensing varies greatly from state-to-state, employers should check their particular state?s requirements before hiring or contracting electricians. In addition, they should always verify an electrician?s license before allowing them to work.

Verifying An Electrician?s License: The Manual Way

Verifying an electrician?s license can be a time-consuming process, especially for larger organizations with multiple electricians. It is typically a two-step process: first a preliminary review of the electrician?s user-supplied license information and documents, then a follow-up verification request to a state licensing authority. Depending on the state, verifying an electrician?s license can take hours or even days for a company to do manually.

The Benefits Of Automated License Verification For Electricians

Automated license verification is an efficient way for employers to ensure their electricians? licenses are up-to-date. It can also help them save considerable time and resources.

With automated license verification, employers can easily verify and manage their electricians? licenses. This process eliminates the need for employers to manually contact state boards one-by-one for license verification. Automation also reduces the time discrepancy between hiring a new electrician and actually verifying their license.

Furthermore, automation simplifies the process of tracking license expiration dates, allowing companies to be ahead of license renewal deadlines. And, with automated primary source verification, employers can obtain confidence and assurance that the electrician?s license is not only valid but is also free of any disciplinary action.

Real-Time License Tracking & Monitoring

Real-time license tracking and monitoring can provide organizations with even more robust levels of safety and compliance. With automated license verification, employers can access real-time updates to ensure that their electricians? licenses are always up-to-date. A well-maintained system of record can alert organizations when license expiration dates are approaching, ensuring they are prepared to renew their electricians? licenses on time.

Automating License Application Processes

Not only can automated license verification help save time on license renewals, but it can also help simplify and streamline the process of obtaining a license. Many automated license verification tools come with pre-built workflows that can help simplify the process of filing and submitting applications for electricians? licenses. These workflows can help organizations save time and resources when applying for new licenses, as well as simplify the entire license application process.

Improve Compliance & Quality Of Your Electrician Workforce

Automated license verification helps organizations stay on top of their electricians? licenses and certifications and remain compliant with local, state, and federal regulations. It can also significantly improve the quality of the electrician workforce by ensuring that their employees have all the necessary skills and competencies needed to perform their duties safely and effectively.

The bottomline

Organizations can save considerable time, resources, and improve safety standards by automating the process of verifying their electrician workforce. Automated license verification can provide organizations with the confidence and assurance they need to stay compliant, as well as improve the quality of their electrician workforce.


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