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In Todays increasingly regulatory-driven world, organizations are under significant pressure to be compliant with licensing and credentialing requirements for every employee. To make this task easier, Certemy is the answer. This online tool offers Compliance leaders a comprehensive solution that allows the tracking and validation of employee credentials, certifications, and licenses with reliable, up-to-date primary source verification.

Certemy is an automated system that helps organizations by simplifying the tracking, reporting, and maintaining of employee credentials. It offers a complete visibility and control of the workplace compliance program. Automating License and Certification tracking is a major advantage, eliminating the manual labor of sorting through applications, and providing greater assurance that employees are adequately licensed and certified for their job role.

The automation helps to alleviate the burden of staying up to date with licensing policies, as well as verifying and ensuring the renewal of credentials and certifications. Certemy helps to reduce risk and mitigate potential non-compliance penalties by being able to quickly identify and flag out of date and incorrect information. Through the use of Certemy, staff utilization is enhanced, allowing users to stay ahead of compliance and safety issues.

Certemy makes credential tracking easier and more efficient with a centralized system of record. The entire organization and team is kept informed with real-time tracking coming directly from the primary source. Certemy also offers a configured workflow to take away the burden of manually submitting paperwork, and automates time-consuming license applications to drive productivity. This automated system easily and quickly runs audits of employee credentials and simultaneously notifies users for necessary updates or renewal processes.

Overall, Certemy is a great resource for HR operations managers and compliance leads for license verification and tracking employee credentials. Verifications can be made from the comfort of your own office, with up-to-date and accurate data being reported back in no time. With Certemy, organizations can now maintain their workforce and compliance more easily and quickly, and take advantage of the pre-built workflows to automate license applications processes and enable faster, easier credential tracking.


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