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Health care workforce compliance is an essential part of a hospital?s patient care and safety standards. A health care organization is required to verify the certifications and licenses of all staff involved in the care of patients, ensuring that each is in active standing, up-to-date on renewals, and not subject to any disciplinary action. The process of manual licensing verification is both tedious and time-consuming. Automated license verification can offer a number of distinct advantages for health care employers?more easily meeting compliance requirements while reducing costs and freeing up time and resources for other important priorities.

Understand the Compliance Requirements in Health Care

Organizations in the health care industry must ensure that their staff, including nurses, physicians, and technicians, meet all requirements for certification and licensure. Every state has its own Nurse Practice Act and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations requires compliance with both the Nursing Licensure Compact and their own standards. To ensure compliance, employers must have processes in place to appropriately track and verify licensure, to include biennial renewals and reporting of any disciplinary action taken against an individual.

What Are The Benefits of License Verification?

By using automated license and certificate verification tools, health care employers can be better prepared to meet the requirements set forth by state and national organizations, and help ensure their organizations commitment to patient safety. Automated license verification can provide a number of major benefits for employers:

Complete Visibility and Control of Compliance Programs

Automated license verification solutions give health care employers an unprecedented level of control over their compliance management. This visibility can help identify potential areas of compliance exposure and also provide insight into the data needed to fulfill audit requirements. Automated tools also give organizations the ability to easily track and monitor all certifications and licenses, including renewals?keeping employers informed and able to remain compliant.

Time and Cost Savings

Manual license verification typically requires a great deal of time and resources to accomplish. With automated license verification, employers can check the current status of multiple certifications and licenses across their employees, quickly and efficiently. Automated solutions can also store employee credentials, saving employers time and freeing up resources that could be better used elsewhere.

Improve Staff Utilization

In health care, completing manual verifications and entering data can take up to 50% of an employees time. Automating license verification can reduce the amount of time spent manually verifying each employees license while also reducing the amount of time needed to enter and store employee data. This can allow organizations to meet compliance requirements while ensuring staff resources are allocated to tasks that are more urgent and require much more attention to detail.

Trust Certemy for License Verification

Certemy is the leader in License Verification with an automated primary sources verification system that validates occupational licenses and certificates across your employees, confirming that they are current, appropriately renewed, and free from any sanctions or disciplinary actions. Certemy offers complete visibility and control of workforce compliance programs. Automatically track and manage licenses and certifications with primary source verification to stay ahead of regulatory compliance. Our system of record offers real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials and helps improve team productivity and visibility across your entire organization. You can leverage pre-built workflows that are fully configurable and automate your license application.


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