License Verification Tool | PALS – Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Employers that need to validate the licenses and certifications of their employees for regulatory or occupational purposes often face the challenge of maintaining a current and valid license database. Not only can verifying employees’ licenses be a time-consuming and expensive process, it can also lead to significant reputational risks if licenses are inactive or have not been properly renewed. The good news is that modern automated license verification systems are now available to help employers stay on top of employee credentials and achieve regulatory compliance without expending too much human capital or budget.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) is just one example of an occupational license or certification that must be verified ? and having the ability to do so quickly and accurately can be the difference between keeping your organization compliant and risking sanctions or other disciplinary action. This is where a primary source license verification system can help.

Certemy is a leader in this space, providing enterprise-level employers with visibility and control over their workforce compliance programs. By automating the license verification process and tracking employee credentials in one system of record, organizations can quickly and efficiently determine that their personnel have valid and up-to-date certifications and licenses, as well as notifying them if licensure is set to expire.

Certemys solutions are designed to save organizations time, and there are several features that help put employers in charge when it comes to verifying and maintaining licenses. One of these features is a suite of pre-built workflows, which are fully configurable to simplify and automate the license application process, further streamlining the process of tracking employee licensure.

Having the ability to quickly and easily track employee licensure is essential for businesses that want to be compliant and can help to eliminate confusion and misunderstandings about which license is needed and when it needs to be renewed. With a proper license tracking system, employers can rest assured that all of their employees are up to date with the proper licensure, and can quickly respond to licensure threats in the event that an employee has an expired license or license sanction.

An automated primary source license verification system is the most robust way to stay ahead of regulatory compliance and keep your business running smoothly. One wrong hire due to a recall, license renewal, or disciplinary action can land your business in court and open you up to potential fines and reputational damage. Choosing an automated license verification tool, like that provided by Certemy, can help you to resolve these issues quickly and without any costly consequences.


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