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As health care organizations grow in size and complexity, so do the requirements for Compliance with local and federal regulatory standards. Ensuring that all licensed clinical employees have the appropriate licensure to practice and protect their patients is of paramount importance. Compliance with the latest licensing standards not only keeps health care organizations in compliance with local and federal laws, but also ensures patient and organizational safety.

The task of verifying and maintaining employee license qualifications can seem daunting for health care organizations. This is where automated license Verification tools, such as Certemy, can be invaluable in saving time, mitigating risk, and improving staff utilization. In this article, we will discuss how certemy provides a comprehensive approach for verifying, tracking, and managing health care professional licenses.

The Benefits of Using Automated License Verification Tools

Certemy provides organizations with a comprehensive, automated license verification system. With automated license verification, health care organizations can automatically verify all employee licenses as necessary to ensure compliance.

Certemys automated license verification provides health care organizations with access to real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials. This helps organizations ensure staff are qualified to practice and patient safety is protected at all times. In addition to verifying licenses, Certemy also provides organizations with the ability to improve team productivity and visibility across the entire organization with the use of pre-built workflows and customizable features.

Managing Licenses with Automated License Verification Tools

Certemy makes it easy for organizations to manage licenses and credentialing data. Automated license verification and tracking, including the ability to track licensure expiration dates in real-time, provides organizations with an easy way to manage license and credentialing data.

With the automated license verification system, organizations can access information such as license expiration dates, contact information, and licensing board data. This helps organizations easily manage and access license information when needed.

Improving Utilization with Automated License Verification Tools

Automated license verification and tracking also makes it easy for organizations to track the utilization of their staff. By tracking license expiration dates and other licensure information, organizations can monitor their staff utilization and ensure that all clinical staff are utilizing their licenses to the fullest. This ensures that all staff are performing at their full potential and that patient safety and satisfaction is maintained at all times.

The main takeaway

Health care organizations must adhere to the many regulatory requirements and standards in order to operate, and ensuring that staff with clinical licenses are qualified and in good standing is of utmost importance. Automated license verification tools, such as Certemy, provide health care organizations with a comprehensive solution to verifying and managing licensure information.

Certemy provides organizations with real-time tracking, automated license verification, license tracking and credentialing, customizable workflows, and a range of other features designed to improve staff utilization and ensure patient safety is maintained at all times.


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