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For the modern human resources department, compliance management is a critical, ongoing challenge. Beyond legal compliance, organizations need to be current on the licenses and certifications held by their employees or contractors. The ability to quickly verify credentials and stay up-to-date on any changes affecting their staff can be the difference between success and failure. Fortunately, a specialized license verification system can be the key to staying ahead of the curve.

A verification system is designed to capture and store employee credentials quickly and accurately. It can be used as an automated, cloud-based tool that helps organizations stay in compliance with license requirements. With automated license tracking and primary source verification, a verification system can save time and money while mitigating risk. It can also track and monitor licenses and credentials with ease, giving HR teams visibility and control over the employees qualifications and certifications.

One of the most popular verification systems is Certemys License Verification System. It is designed to provide organizations with comprehensive license and certifications tracking capabilities. The system allows companies to quickly register, track, and manage employee certifications and licenses. With Certemys system, staying in compliance is easier than ever.

Certemys system includes automated notifications and alerts. Organizations can receive real-time tracking of employee license renewals, keeping on top of expirations. With alert notifications configured and sent directly from the portal, HR staff can easily act to keep certifications and licensure up to date.

Certemys system also offers automated workflow processes to facilitate the application processes. Organizations can streamline the onboarding process with pre-built workflows that are configurable for multiple licenses and states.

HR departments can set up their system for one-time setup and daily maintenance. By accessing pre-built roles, teams can gain immediate visibility and control across their entire organization, in real-time. The system also helps organizations stay ahead of changing regulations.

In an ever-changing industry, a sophisticated license verification system can be the ultimate compliance tool. With primary source verification capabilities, Certemys License Verification System can provide organizations with complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program.


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