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Maintaining a compliant workforce with the right licenses and certifications is a fundamental requirement of any human resource (HR) operation. As regulations and requirements across the board become increasingly complex, verifying licensure of your employees has become more difficult and time consuming. Certified License Verification (Certemy) provides a comprehensive and reliable primary source verification system, offering the leading license and certification validation across the board.

The need for compliant workforce

HR departments and recruiting teams have to adhere to the relevant regulations and standards in order to remain compliant at all times. Whether they are recruiting for a healthcare-related job that has specified state practices and requirements, or for a role in the financial sector that requires specific credentials, employers need to be able to check and validate their potential and existing employees? qualifications.

The National Council Licensure Examination Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN) examination, for example, is a widely-used credentialing exam for individuals wishing to become an LPN. Employers have to take it into account when determining their personnel?s readiness to be placed in the role. Ultimately, a reliable and up-to-date verification system guides HR departments to ensure they have a compliant and efficient workforce.

What is Certified License Verification?

Certemy is a leader in License Verification, offering an automated, reliable, secure primary source verification system. This system validates and confirms an employees license or certification as up-to-date, free of any disciplinary action, and as relevant as applicable requirements and regulations.

Complete tracking of license and certification is facilitated by Certemys automated system, and can be tracked and monitored in a single system of record. This helps to ensure that organizations are up-to-date with their regulatory compliance as well as keeping their personnel?s license and certifications updated.

The platform also offers pre-built workflows that are customizable and can be easily configured to automate license application processes. This adds to the convenience and effectiveness in verifying the licensure of employees.

Benefits of using Certified License Verification

US firms have found Certemys platform to benefit them in a variety of ways, offering them detailed and reliable primary source verification for their staff?s credentials and licenses. The automated and customizable system allows firms to save time, avoid potential risks and optimize work productivity.

Overall, the efficient system provides a greater level of security and trust as well as daily automated primary source verification and reporting. Plus, there is the added convenience of having complete and detailed record of potential and existing personnel in a single record enabling easy search and comparison.

From the perspective of employee performance management, the system facilitates monitoring of employees? recent license renewals – making sure that personnel are constantly up-to-date and compliant in their specific roles.

The main takeaway

By optimizing compliance and boosting process efficiency, Certemys License Verification system offers a reliable solution to keep compliance up-to-date with relevant regulations and requirements. Automating the license and certification processes helps employers manage risks and ensure their workforce is compliant with the necessary regulations.


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