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If you are managing an organizations workforce, properly verifying the necessary licenses and certifications needed for the various positions can be an overwhelming task. You have to ensure that all licenses and certifications are in order, that employees are able to work in legally sanctioned positions, and that no one has any disciplinary action looming against their license.

Certemy is a helpful tool for human resources professionals looking for a way to automate the process of license verification. It manages the complexities of license tracking and verification and provides a single system of record to make sure your company is adhering to regulatory compliance.

With Certemy, organizations can set up pre-built workflows to automatically track and manage employee licenses and certifications. This automation simplifies the process and gives organizations the added benefit of being able to continuously monitor licenses and certifications in real-time, mitigating the risk of a regulatory audit.

Certemys automated primary-source verification system helps companies confirm that their employees? occupational licenses and certifications are active and renewed, as well as free from any sanctions or other disciplinary actions. Organizations get better visibility into employee compliance and can be certain of the accuracy of their data. Plus, the software makes it easier to identify discrepancies between what was reported during the application process compared to the actual credentials.

Certemy is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States, including Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, midsize businesses, and education institutions. Using Certemys license tracking and verification system enables these employers to not only save time, but also improve utilization of their staff and streamline operations across different departments.

Overall, investing in a quality license verification tool like Certemy can be a major boost to your organizations efficiency. Streamlining license tracking, mitigating risk of a regulatory audit, and gaining better visibility of employee compliance are just some of the many advantages of using this type of software.


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