License Verification Tool | Advanced Forensic Nursing

The recent trend of forensic nursing demands the healthcare industry to revise its security protocols and strengthen its license and certification trackers. Forensic nursing is a specialized field which involves the assessment and documentation of patient injuries, administration of medicinal treatments, and management of the patient?s overall wellbeing. The process of monitoring such clinical records and certifying nurse practitioners is complex and may require proper license Verification to ensure only skilled professionals are employed to render medical services.

Fortunately, license verification systems have been developed to give healthcare providers maximum Compliance with the regulatory authorities and ensure there are no risks involved in the hiring process. Primary source verification systems are advanced compliance programs that track and manage licenses and certifications in order to avoid costly missteps and maximize staff utilization.

These systems verify an employees license or certification through primary sources such as state repositories, databases, or other recognized authorities. This helps both employers and suppliers to stay abreast of the latest developments and ensure compliance with the applicable standards. It is prudent to track the current status of a practitioner?s license across various states and ensure it is valid throughout.

Certemy is a widely-used credential verification tool which offers comprehensive license tracking to healthcare and other organizations. It utilizes an automated primary source verification system to validate licenses and certifications across employees, confirm that they are active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. This gives the employers full visibility and control of their entire compliance program.

Through the extensive record-keeping capabilities of Certemys license verification system, employers can monitor and collect patient records and licenses using real-time tracking. It improves team productivity and visibility across the organization by leveraging pre-built workflows and giving them the ability to customize the license application process.

The intricacies of license verification make it necessary to use an advanced system like Certemy that is built on top-tier technologies. It has an expansive customer base with some of the largest US employers using its automated license tracking software to save time, mitigate risks, and improve staff utilization.

Healthcare organizations need to employ the best nursing practitioners to provide standardized patient care and adhere to the relevant regulations of healthcare. Certemy is the preferred choice for ensuring the healthcare staff and technicians comply with the applicable laws and maintain the highest standards of professionalism. Its advanced credential verification system offers full transparency on employee licenses and assists in making informed decisions regarding employee recruitment and existing staff compliance.


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