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Healthcare organizations must comply with state and federal regulations while ensuring patient safety and quality of care. The burden of strong compliance practices falls heavily on the shoulders of healthcare administrators and HR teams. Managing and verifying professional and occupational licenses for physicians, nurses, technicians, and other medical staff is critical to best practice standards.

Home health and hospice care organizations increase the complexity of regulatory and licensure compliance. Home health organizations must ensure appropriately licensed clinicians are providing patient care to homebound and elderly individuals. This requires an efficient system for verifying credentials and ensuring that all professional and occupational licenses are up-to-date.

Primary source verification is a critical component of compliant licensing practices for healthcare organizations. By conducting a direct verified query of the issuing source, organizations can access a license?s most current and accurate status information. With a fast, accurate license verification process, healthcare providers can focus on providing the highest quality of care.

Certemy provides a centralized and secure platform for license verification. Its software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution allows healthcare organizations to keep up with highly changing and complex compliance requirements in a more efficient way. With Certemy, the primary source verification process is automated and overseen in one system of record.

Organizations rely on Certemy to save time, reduce costs, and minimize the risk of potentially costly compliance errors. Certemy eliminates manual processes while maintaining current license information through real-time tracking. Furthermore, its pre-built workflows are configurable to manage any license application process.

With Certemy, healthcare organizations have full visibility and control of their workforce compliance program, mitigating the risk of legal and compliance issues. It allows HR and operations teams to identify any incidents or sanctions associated with a license in real-time, reducing the burden of manual labor associated with license tracking.

By utilizing Certemys license verification solution for healthcare organizations, quality of care is elevated and compliance concerns are reduced. It is an invaluable tool in streamlining the process of managing clinicians? professional and occupational licensure.


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